Virginia defeated Texas Tech 85-77 in overtime to the win the school's first ever national title, and its fans are clearly ecstatic with the win. After becoming the first No. 1 seed to lose to a No. 16 seed in 2018, Virginia had the ultimate redemption story.

Fans, of course, celebrated. The streets of Charlottesville, Va., filled with students and other supporters.

Of course Virginia alum Chris Long, who is always very vocal on Twitter, had some words to say after the win.

Long will apparently show some affection for head coach Tony Bennett next time he sees him.

After beating Virginia in 2018, UMBC continued to bring up its victory at times throughout this tournament but showed respect to the new national champions during and after the game. 

A couple of ex-Virginia hoopers chimed in after the win, including Isaiah Wilkins, who was a part of the team that lost to UMBC in 2018.

Even a lot of former football players showed their excitement after the win. Tiki Barber, whose birthday was on Saturday, was on the court after the buzzer to congratulate Kyle Guy.

MLB players Brandon Guyer and Sean Doolittle were vocal about the journey and the talk that has been around this team all season.