Penn State coach Pat Chambers issued an apology in his postgame press conference on Thursday after pushing freshman Myles Dread during a timeout in the middle of the Nittany Lions' game against Michigan.

"I absolutely love, love Myles Dread," Chambers said. "He committed to us as a sophomore. So I've known him forever, him and his parents. Absolutely love him. I apologize to him."

The push came in the middle of the first half, just as Michigan had jumped out to a six-point lead over Penn State. The Wolverines would go on to win 68-55.

Chambers is known as an intense coach and teacher, but in the aftermath of the incident he promised he'd change how he challenged players in the future.

"I was just trying to challenge him, just trying to get the best out of him, and hopefully I'll do it differently next time," Chambers said. "No, not 'hopefully.' I will do it a different way next time."