The SEC has fined LSU  $100,000 after fans at the Maravich Assembly Center rushed the court following a dramatic win over No. 17 Kentucky, the league announced Thursday. The Tigers beat the Wildcats 75-74 on a last-second shot from Tyrell Ward after trailing by 15 early in the second half Wednesday night. 

It marked LSU's first offense under the SEC's enhanced "access to competition area policy" that was implemented last year. A second offense would result in a $250,000 fine while all subsequent offenses would lead to $500,000 fines. When the violations occur after games against league foes, the money is paid to the opponent, according to the SEC policy.

The new policy requires each school to create a security contingency to prevent field or court rushing. Every institution was also tasked with creating a communication plan to discourage fans from rushing the court or field. But in the jubilation of a buzzer-beating victory over a historical power, LSU fans found their way onto the court anyway.

"That was an awesome atmosphere," LSU coach Matt McMahon said. "The energy in the building, you could feel it. When our guys needed a lift down 15, they gave it to us and when we needed to make plays, I thought the fans were just awesome. It's something to build on."

LSU football fans stormed the field twice in 2022, which contributed to the SEC's push to increase fines. The old policy called for a $50,000 fine for the first offense, $100,000 for a second offense and $250,000 for every other instance after that. The new policy doubled the amount owed.