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With plenty of MLB action on TV and a hotly awaited NFL season to come soon, now is a great time to upgrade your watching experience. Aside from purchasing a new 4K TV (such as the bestselling Samsung 'The Frame' television), one of the best ways to watch sports is with a projector. They can project massive images up to 150 inches across -- and sometimes more.

Projectors are able to give you larger-than-life visuals when projected on a screen or flat wall. Some of the best battery-powered portable projectors have batteries built in, so you can enjoy the game and the outdoors at the same time.

Best portable projectors on Amazon:

What to look for in a portable projector

We like the idea of being able to catch the game anywhere, and a portable projector is the perfect way to do just that. You can even use a portable projector to set up an outdoor game-watching party -- you and your friends could be watching baseball while grilling on the porch or lounging in the pool.

Price: You can get a capable portable projector for under $100, but if you want the best and brightest picture, expect to pay much more. Still, even an expensive portable projector will save you money over an outdoor TV such as Samsung's "The Terrace."

Connectivity: We looked for models that connect wirelessly (no cord tangle here) with a wide Bluetooth compatibility easily connectable to a variety of Bluetooth speakers. We looked for a long lamp life and cooling system as well as the latest noise suppression technology.

Resolution: Look for a projector with Full HD (1920x1080) and compare Lumen (brightness) when assessing any projector. The brightness will dictate where and when you can (or can't) use your projector. The bigger the picture you want to enjoy, the more brightness you'll need.

Battery life is important too. Many portable projectors have a built-in battery for when a wall socket is hard to come by.

Best plug-in portable projectors in 2023

Plug-in projectors aren't as truly portable as battery-powered ones, since they require a power outlet. They do tend to be brighter with better resolution, however -- and much less expensive. Here are your top plug-in portable projector options in 2023.

Amazon best seller: AuKing Mini Projector


With approximately 26,000 customer reviews on Amazon, it's hard not to play favorites with the AuKing Mini Projector. Add in the discounted price and it's easy to understand why so many reviewers were impressed with this 4.3-star-rated mini portable projector.

AuKing's upgraded 1080p projector features 9500 lumens of brightness. Expect a clear and sharp detailed picture, which adopts the latest color technology. The 200 inch large project screen brings an immersive viewing experience and the long bulb life ensures you won't miss a shot or play. Advanced noise reduction technology reduces fan noise from previous models by 80%. The built-in stereo speakers provide crystal clear sound, though this model easily connects with outside speakers for an upgrade. Connects perfectly to smartphones, laptops and TV boxes, ensuring you a lifetime job as Super Bowl party host.

AuKing Mini Projector, $72 (reduced from $100)


Top budget projector: Purshe Mini Bluetooth Projector


Amazon reviewers say the 4.6-star-rated Purshe Mini Bluetooth Projector is great for travel (it's small enough to fit in a backpack), sleepovers, impromptu movie nights and even college dorm rooms and anywhere else having a TV is impractical. It outputs 1080p video with 9500 lumens of brightness.

Says one Amazon reviewer, "the picture quality is fantastic. I was initially concerned that the small size of the projector might compromise the clarity and sharpness of the image, but I was pleasantly surprised by how crisp and clear the picture was. It was also surprisingly bright for its size, so even in a moderately well-lit room, the picture was still perfectly visible."

PS: Reviewers suggest you pair this projector with an Amazon Fire TV stick to stream shows, live TV and movies. Rated 4.6 stars.

Purshe Mini Bluetooth Projector, $60

60 at Amazon

Upgraded picture and sound: BenQ GS50 1080p Wireless Projector


This easy to set up and completely versatile projector offers some major bells and whistles. The big and clear picture features 1080p full HD resolution, 500 ANSI lumens and HDR10/HLG for brilliant details. The 2:1 channel Bluetooth speaker with extra bass (two midrange tweeters and woofer) gives your game a major sound quality upgrade. The adjustable stand tilts up to 15 degrees and boasts auto focus, 2D keystone and four corner adjustment, perfect for sports fans wanting that in-stadium experience from home. The durable design is splash-proof (IPX2) and drop-proof for outdoor use. Rated 4.6 stars.

BenQ GS50 1080p Wireless Projector, $700 (reduced from $800)

$800 on Amazon

Best battery-powered portable projectors in 2023

If you want a portable projector that truly goes everywhere, you'll want to buy a battery-powered model. Some of these projectors feature upgraded audio and built-in operating systems so you don't need to connect a streaming stick.

While the most affordable range of battery-powered projectors feature lower image quality than a plug-in projector, you can get upgraded performance and picture resolution if you're able to buy a higher-priced model such as the 1080p Anker Nebula Capsule 3 Laser portable projector.

Anker Nebula Capsule portable projector

Anker via Amazon

About the size of a soda can, the Anker Nebula Capsule portable projector lets you go fully wireless -- it features a 4-hour rechargeable battery and a 360-degree speaker. It runs Android 7.1 and is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can use the projector to watch content from your favorite streaming apps without hooking up wires or a streaming stick. Video is projected in 854x480.

Amazon reviewers praise its portability, high-powered speakers and color accuracy. It's not as bright as a plug-in projector, however -- there's only 100 ANSI lumens of brightness. Rated 4.3 stars.

Anker Nebula Capsule portable projector, $240 with Prime (reduced from $300)

$240 at Amazon

Need a brighter projector? Anker makes a full HD laser portable projector model that has triple the brightness (300 ANSI lumens) of the model above. It features a 2.5-hour battery, 8W Dolby speaker and runs Android TV 11. Rated 4.2 stars.

Anker Nebula Capsule 3 Laser portable projector, $700 with Prime (reduced from $800)

$700 at Amazon

Kodak Luma 150 Ultra Mini Projector


Another battery-powered projector option, the Kodak Luma 150 Ultra Mini Projector offers 2.5 hours of battery life with 60 ANSI lumens of brightness. It can produce images as large as 150 inches, though it too projects in 854 x 480 resolution. Rated 4.3 stars.

Kodak Luma 150 Ultra Mini Projector, $220 (reduced from $270)

$220 at Amazon

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