Prospect rankings, like my own top 100, are an industry staple, but their very existence gives them an authoritative quality that, frankly, is undeserved. We're not even comparing established players, but theoretical ones, which leaves ample room for disagreement. And opinions can shift even further when specifying a particular scoring format.

The goal of this mock was to draft only prospects, and with 5x5 Rotisserie scoring in mind. Maybe that meant pushing pitchers down a little. Maybe it meant emphasizing speed and deemphasizing plate discipline. It should have probably meant all those things, but the point is that it wasn't just for me to decide. I shared the task with 11 others:

1) Jake Wiener, Prospects1500 (@GatorSosa)
2) R.J. White, CBS Sports (@rjwhite1)
3) Chris Towers, CBS Sports (@CTowersCBS)
4) Rhys White, Prospects Live (@RhysBWhite)
5) Frank Stampfl, CBS Sports (@Roto_Frank)
6) Tim Kanak, Fantasy Aceball (@fantasyaceball)
7) Chris Blessing, Baseball HQ (@C_Blessing)
8) Phil Ponebshek, Patton & Company
9) Scott White, CBS Sports (@CBSScottWhite)
10) Doug Roe, defending Podcast League champ
11) Drew Wheeler, Prospects Live (@drewisokay)
12) Chris Welsh, Prospect One (@IsItTheWelsh)  

The draft lasted 120 picks in all, taking us a little beyond a conventional top-100 list. We also did this same mock but with Head-to-Head points scoring in mind, and as you might expect, more pitchers were drafted in that one (41 vs. 27). Our approach to hitters also changed between the two formats, but in more subtle ways probably best exemplified by Ceddanne Rafaela. A potential jack of five categories but master of none whose poor plate discipline could hold him back in points leagues, he was the 70th player drafted in this one. He wasn't drafted at all in the other.

Round By Round
Round 1
Pos Team Player
1 Jake Wiener C. Carroll LF ARI
2 R.J. White G. Henderson 3B BAL
3 Chris Towers J. Walker 3B STL
4 Rhys White J. Chourio CF MIL
5 Frank Stampfl J. Lawlar SS ARI
6 Tim Kanak E. De La Cruz SS CIN
7 Chris Blessing J. Wood CF WAS
8 Phil Ponebshek A. Volpe SS NYY
9 Scott White G. Rodriguez SP BAL
10 Doug Roe D. Jones CF ARI
11 Drew Wheeler K. Senga SP NYM
12 Chris Welsh A. Painter SP PHI
Round 2
Pos Team Player
13 Chris Welsh K. Manzardo 1B TB
14 Drew Wheeler L. O'Hoppe C LAA
15 Doug Roe R. Tiedemann SP TOR
16 Scott White M. Vargas 1B LAD
17 Phil Ponebshek E. Tovar SS COL
18 Chris Blessing J. Holliday SS BAL
19 Tim Kanak E. Carter CF TEX
20 Frank Stampfl P. Crow-Armstrong CF CHC
21 Rhys White F. Alvarez C NYM
22 Chris Towers E. Perez SP MIA
23 R.J. White T. Casas 1B BOS
24 Jake Wiener M. Mayer SS BOS
Round 3
Pos Team Player
25 Jake Wiener D. Espino SP CLE
26 R.J. White B. Baty 3B NYM
27 Chris Towers Z. Veen RF COL
28 Rhys White E. Green CF WAS
29 Frank Stampfl O. Peraza SS NYY
30 Tim Kanak J. Dominguez CF NYY
31 Chris Blessing C. Mead 3B TB
32 Phil Ponebshek N. Marte SS CIN
33 Scott White M. Luciano SS SF
34 Doug Roe E. Rodriguez C PIT
35 Drew Wheeler M. Yoshida LF BOS
36 Chris Welsh J. Jung 3B TEX
Round 4
Pos Team Player
37 Chris Welsh T. Johnson 2B PIT
38 Drew Wheeler K. Harrison SP SF
39 Doug Roe H. Brown RP HOU
40 Scott White H. Ford C SEA
41 Phil Ponebshek O. Colas CF CHW
42 Chris Blessing J. Merrill SS SD
43 Tim Kanak R. Lewis SS MIN
44 Frank Stampfl M. Mervis 1B CHC
45 Rhys White E. Rodriguez CF MIN
46 Chris Towers T. Soderstrom 1B OAK
47 R.J. White G. Williams SP CLE
48 Jake Wiener C. Cowser CF BAL
Round 5
Pos Team Player
49 Jake Wiener S. Frelick CF MIL
50 R.J. White C. Montgomery SS CHW
51 Chris Towers D. Cartaya C LAD
52 Rhys White G. Stone SP LAD
53 Frank Stampfl T. Hence SP STL
54 Tim Kanak T. Bradley SP TB
55 Chris Blessing B. Lee SS MIN
56 Phil Ponebshek R. Hassell CF WAS
57 Scott White H. Davis C PIT
58 Doug Roe A. Amador SS COL
59 Drew Wheeler M. Winn SS STL
60 Chris Welsh C. Norby 2B BAL
Round 6
Pos Team Player
61 Chris Welsh B. Pfaadt SP ARI
62 Drew Wheeler C. Collier 3B CIN
63 Doug Roe E. Julien 2B MIN
64 Scott White M. Busch 2B LAD
65 Phil Ponebshek B. Davis CF CHC
66 Chris Blessing W. Brennan LF CLE
67 Tim Kanak B. Naylor C CLE
68 Frank Stampfl C. Encarnacion-Strand 3B CIN
69 Rhys White C. Mayo 3B BAL
70 Chris Towers C. Rafaela CF BOS
71 R.J. White E. Ruiz LF OAK
72 Jake Wiener B. Miller SP LAD
Round 7
Pos Team Player
73 Jake Wiener B. House SS WAS
74 R.J. White G. Valera RF CLE
75 Chris Towers M. Meyer SP MIA
76 Rhys White S. Jones CF NYY
77 Frank Stampfl D. Harris LF TEX
78 Tim Kanak G. Cross CF KC
79 Chris Blessing C. DeLauter CF CLE
80 Phil Ponebshek K. Alcantara CF CHC
81 Scott White J. Wiemer RF MIL
82 Doug Roe Z. Neto SS LAA
83 Drew Wheeler E. Quero C LAA
84 Chris Welsh K. Parada C NYM
Round 8
Pos Team Player
85 Chris Welsh D. Gilbert CF HOU
86 Drew Wheeler D. Hall RP BAL
87 Doug Roe E. Arroyo SS CIN
88 Scott White T. Bibee SP CLE
89 Phil Ponebshek A. Wells C NYY
90 Chris Blessing M. Abel SP PHI
91 Tim Kanak C. Morris SP CLE
92 Frank Stampfl G. Gonzalez RF SEA
93 Rhys White D. Rushing C LAD
94 Chris Towers C. Cavalli SP WAS
95 R.J. White J. Berry 3B MIA
96 Jake Wiener B. Jordan 3B BOS
Round 9
Pos Team Player
97 Jake Wiener A. Pages RF LAD
98 R.J. White D. Jameson SP ARI
99 Chris Towers J. Leiter SP TEX
100 Rhys White C. Keith 3B DET
101 Frank Stampfl H. Kjerstad RF BAL
102 Tim Kanak O. White SP TEX
103 Chris Blessing J. Jung 2B DET
104 Phil Ponebshek J. Caminero 3B TB
105 Scott White M. Bleis CF BOS
106 Doug Roe N. Gonzales 2B PIT
107 Drew Wheeler G. Graceffo SP STL
108 Chris Welsh A. Ramirez CF NYM
Round 10
Pos Team Player
109 Chris Welsh Y. Mercedes CF MIN
110 Drew Wheeler K. Delgado SS NYY
111 Doug Roe K. Watson SS MIA
112 Scott White J. Westburg SS BAL
113 Phil Ponebshek B. Montgomery CF COL
114 Chris Blessing B. Rocchio SS CLE
115 Tim Kanak Z. Gelof 2B OAK
116 Frank Stampfl E. Hancock SP SEA
117 Rhys White C. Hjerpe SP STL
118 Chris Towers A. Burleson RF STL
119 R.J. White G. Mitchell CF MIL
120 Jake Wiener J. Jobe SP DET
Team by Team
Jake Wiener
Rd Pk Player
1 1 C. Carroll LF ARI
2 24 M. Mayer SS BOS
3 25 D. Espino SP CLE
4 48 C. Cowser CF BAL
5 49 S. Frelick CF MIL
6 72 B. Miller SP LAD
7 73 B. House SS WAS
8 96 B. Jordan 3B BOS
9 97 A. Pages RF LAD
10 120 J. Jobe SP DET
R.J. White
Rd Pk Player
1 2 G. Henderson 3B BAL
2 23 T. Casas 1B BOS
3 26 B. Baty 3B NYM
4 47 G. Williams SP CLE
5 50 C. Montgomery SS CHW
6 71 E. Ruiz LF OAK
7 74 G. Valera RF CLE
8 95 J. Berry 3B MIA
9 98 D. Jameson SP ARI
10 119 G. Mitchell CF MIL
Chris Towers
Rd Pk Player
1 3 J. Walker 3B STL
2 22 E. Perez SP MIA
3 27 Z. Veen RF COL
4 46 T. Soderstrom 1B OAK
5 51 D. Cartaya C LAD
6 70 C. Rafaela CF BOS
7 75 M. Meyer SP MIA
8 94 C. Cavalli SP WAS
9 99 J. Leiter SP TEX
10 118 A. Burleson RF STL
Rhys White
Rd Pk Player
1 4 J. Chourio CF MIL
2 21 F. Alvarez C NYM
3 28 E. Green CF WAS
4 45 E. Rodriguez CF MIN
5 52 G. Stone SP LAD
6 69 C. Mayo 3B BAL
7 76 S. Jones CF NYY
8 93 D. Rushing C LAD
9 100 C. Keith 3B DET
10 117 C. Hjerpe SP STL
Frank Stampfl
Rd Pk Player
1 5 J. Lawlar SS ARI
2 20 P. Crow-Armstrong CF CHC
3 29 O. Peraza SS NYY
4 44 M. Mervis 1B CHC
5 53 T. Hence SP STL
6 68 C. Encarnacion-Strand 3B CIN
7 77 D. Harris LF TEX
8 92 G. Gonzalez RF SEA
9 101 H. Kjerstad RF BAL
10 116 E. Hancock SP SEA
Tim Kanak
Rd Pk Player
1 6 E. De La Cruz SS CIN
2 19 E. Carter CF TEX
3 30 J. Dominguez CF NYY
4 43 R. Lewis SS MIN
5 54 T. Bradley SP TB
6 67 B. Naylor C CLE
7 78 G. Cross CF KC
8 91 C. Morris SP CLE
9 102 O. White SP TEX
10 115 Z. Gelof 2B OAK
Chris Blessing
Rd Pk Player
1 7 J. Wood CF WAS
2 18 J. Holliday SS BAL
3 31 C. Mead 3B TB
4 42 J. Merrill SS SD
5 55 B. Lee SS MIN
6 66 W. Brennan LF CLE
7 79 C. DeLauter CF CLE
8 90 M. Abel SP PHI
9 103 J. Jung 2B DET
10 114 B. Rocchio SS CLE
Phil Ponebshek
Rd Pk Player
1 8 A. Volpe SS NYY
2 17 E. Tovar SS COL
3 32 N. Marte SS CIN
4 41 O. Colas CF CHW
5 56 R. Hassell CF WAS
6 65 B. Davis CF CHC
7 80 K. Alcantara CF CHC
8 89 A. Wells C NYY
9 104 J. Caminero 3B TB
10 113 B. Montgomery CF COL
Scott White
Rd Pk Player
1 9 G. Rodriguez SP BAL
2 16 M. Vargas 1B LAD
3 33 M. Luciano SS SF
4 40 H. Ford C SEA
5 57 H. Davis C PIT
6 64 M. Busch 2B LAD
7 81 J. Wiemer RF MIL
8 88 T. Bibee SP CLE
9 105 M. Bleis CF BOS
10 112 J. Westburg SS BAL
Doug Roe
Rd Pk Player
1 10 D. Jones CF ARI
2 15 R. Tiedemann SP TOR
3 34 E. Rodriguez C PIT
4 39 H. Brown RP HOU
5 58 A. Amador SS COL
6 63 E. Julien 2B MIN
7 82 Z. Neto SS LAA
8 87 E. Arroyo SS CIN
9 106 N. Gonzales 2B PIT
10 111 K. Watson SS MIA
Drew Wheeler
Rd Pk Player
1 11 K. Senga SP NYM
2 14 L. O'Hoppe C LAA
3 35 M. Yoshida LF BOS
4 38 K. Harrison SP SF
5 59 M. Winn SS STL
6 62 C. Collier 3B CIN
7 83 E. Quero C LAA
8 86 D. Hall RP BAL
9 107 G. Graceffo SP STL
10 110 K. Delgado SS NYY
Chris Welsh
Rd Pk Player
1 12 A. Painter SP PHI
2 13 K. Manzardo 1B TB
3 36 J. Jung 3B TEX
4 37 T. Johnson 2B PIT
5 60 C. Norby 2B BAL
6 61 B. Pfaadt SP ARI
7 84 K. Parada C NYM
8 85 D. Gilbert CF HOU
9 108 A. Ramirez CF NYM
10 109 Y. Mercedes CF MIN