Planning on drafting Twins pitcher Carlos Silva this season? Go ahead, we dare you.

He's our No. 1 in "who's who" of "who cares?" It's the second annual Bizarro Baseball league draft.

In one of CBS SportsLine's annual rites of spring, nine of our Fantasy analysts and one Mr. Larry Dobrow, this website's guest columnist extraordinare and notable online funny man, got together to pick the players you shouldn't be picking this March.

In this league, the purpose is to have hitters who get a lot of at-bats, but make a lot of outs. Here it's special to have a guy who is good enough to get at-bats and consistently do nothing with them. Hello, projected 2007 Bizarro MVP Cristian Guzman and welcome back 2006 Bizarro MVP Brad Ausmus.

Batting Scoring
1B - Singles -6 points
2B - Doubles -10 points
3B - Triples -14 points
AB - At Bats 4 points
BB - Walks (Batters) -4 points
CS - Caught Stealing 4 points
HR - Home Runs -20 points
KO - Strikeouts (Batter) 3 points
R - Runs -4 points
RBI - Runs Batted In -4 points
SB - Stolen Bases -8 points
Pitching Scoring
APP - Appearances 3 points
BBI - Walks Issued (Pitchers) 5 points
BS - Blown Saves 15 points
HA - Hits Allowed 2 points
HRA - Home Runs Allowed 10 points
INN - Innings 2 points
K - Strikeouts (Pitcher) -15 points
L - Losses 15 points
QS - Quality Starts -5 points
RA - Runs Allowed 5 points
S - Saves -15 points
W - Wins -25 points

With pitchers, you want to see someone who consistently takes one for the team, like Jason Marquis did multiple times for the Cardinals last season. He gave up 13 runs in one outing and 12 in another last season, staying out there just so the Cardinals could save their bullpen.

Granted some of these guys are obviously terrible and shouldn't be on any Fantasy radars. But how about popular 2006 Fantasy pick-up Gary Matthews. Dobrow boldly went ahead and picked the $50 million man 38th overall in this league that rewards futility.

And, frankly, we agree. Matthews is not a good player to have in Fantasy -- despite his surprising year that led to his ridiculous contract. Guys who get at-bats because they can handle the glove are golden.

So, use this league to find some projected busts. Or start a Bizarro Baseball league of your own.

CBS SportsLine is a versatile Fantasy commissioner service, so much so, it can be set up to run a Bizarro Baseball Fantasy league just like this one. Our 10-team, 15-round draft was held Feb. 23 and took about two hours of our lives.

By the way, in a new feature on our website, you can follow this league throughout the year at this link.

Ignore the selections of Albert Pujols and Daisuke Matsuzaka in the last round. Those fruit-loops picked those guys as a joke, which Pujols and Matsuzaka most certainly will not be.

Bizarro Baseball draft results
Round 1
1 David Gonos Carlos Silva (SP MIN)
2 Michael J. Hurcomb Adam Everett (SS HOU)
3 Larry Dobrow Brad Ausmus (C HOU)
4 Dave Richard Brian N. Anderson (OF CHW)
5 Sergio Gonzalez Jack Wilson (SS PIT)
6 Tony Fernandez Cristian Guzman (SS WAS)
7 Jamey Eisenberg Angel M. Berroa (SS KC)
8 Eric Mack Pedro Feliz (3B SF)
9 Peter Madden John Buck (C KC)
10 J. Darin Darst Jason Kendall (C OAK)
Round 2
11 J. Darin Darst Ben Zobrist (SS TB)
12 Peter Madden David Eckstein (SS STL)
13 Eric Mack Yuniesky Betancourt (SS SEA)
14 Jamey Eisenberg Brian Schneider (C WAS)
15 Tony Fernandez Steve Trachsel (SP BAL)
16 Sergio Gonzalez Gerald Laird (C TEX)
17 Dave Richard Royce Clayton (SS TOR)
18 Larry Dobrow Jason Marquis (SP CHC)
19 Michael J. Hurcomb Nook Logan (OF WAS)
20 David Gonos Luis Castillo (2B MIN)
Round 3
21 David Gonos Mark Ellis (2B OAK)
22 Michael J. Hurcomb Rodrigo Lopez (SP COL)
23 Larry Dobrow Cesar Izturis (SS CHC)
24 Dave Richard Ty Wigginton (1B TB)
25 Sergio Gonzalez Doug Mientkiewicz (1B NYY)
26 Tony Fernandez Nick Punto (3B MIN)
27 Jamey Eisenberg Shea Hillenbrand (1B ANA)
28 Eric Mack Darin Erstad (OF CHW)
29 Peter Madden Kaz Matsui (2B COL)
30 J. Darin Darst Chris Duffy (OF PIT)
Round 4
31 J. Darin Darst Ronny Cedeno (SS CHC)
32 Peter Madden Jeremy Reed (OF SEA)
33 Eric Mack Tony Armas (SP PIT)
34 Jamey Eisenberg Abraham O. Nunez (3B PHI)
35 Tony Fernandez Dioner Navarro (C TB)
36 Sergio Gonzalez Jose Castillo (2B PIT)
37 Dave Richard Yadier Molina (C STL)
38 Larry Dobrow Gary Matthews (OF ANA)
39 Michael J. Hurcomb Adam Kennedy (2B STL)
40 David Gonos Alex Sanchez (OF FLA)
Round 5
41 David Gonos Garret Anderson (OF ANA)
42 Michael J. Hurcomb Chone Figgins (OF ANA)
43 Larry Dobrow Craig Biggio (2B HOU)
44 Dave Richard Gil Meche (SP KC)
45 Sergio Gonzalez Willy Taveras (OF COL)
46 Tony Fernandez Odalis Perez (SP KC)
47 Jamey Eisenberg Corey Patterson (OF BAL)
48 Eric Mack Sean Casey (1B DET)
49 Peter Madden Alex Gonzalez (SS CIN)
50 J. Darin Darst Wes Helms (3B PHI)
Round 6
51 J. Darin Darst Shin-Soo Choo (OF CLE)
52 Peter Madden Jeff Weaver (SP SEA)
53 Eric Mack Jerome Williams (SP WAS)
54 Jamey Eisenberg Mark Redman (SP KC)
55 Tony Fernandez Aubrey Huff (1B BAL)
56 Sergio Gonzalez Randy Winn (OF SF)
57 Dave Richard Sergio Mitre (SP FLA)
58 Larry Dobrow Jaret Wright (SP BAL)
59 Michael J. Hurcomb Luke Hudson (RP KC)
60 David Gonos James Shields (SP TB)
Round 7
61 David Gonos Jason Hammel (SP TB)
62 Michael J. Hurcomb Brian Bannister (SP KC)
63 Larry Dobrow Xavier Nady (OF PIT)
64 Dave Richard Casey Fossum (SP TB)
65 Sergio Gonzalez Byung-Hyun Kim (SP COL)
66 Tony Fernandez Preston Wilson (OF STL)
67 Jamey Eisenberg Matt Garza (SP MIN)
68 Eric Mack Mark Kotsay (OF OAK)
69 Peter Madden Juan Encarnacion (OF STL)
70 J. Darin Darst Jae Seo (SP TB)
Round 8
71 J. Darin Darst Shawn Chacon (SP PIT)
72 Peter Madden Scott Baker (SP MIN)
73 Eric Mack Wandy Rodriguez (SP HOU)
74 Jamey Eisenberg Ronnie Belliard (2B WAS)
75 Tony Fernandez Adam Eaton (SP PHI)
76 Sergio Gonzalez Seth McClung (RP TB)
77 Dave Richard Mark DeRosa (2B CHC)
78 Larry Dobrow Doug Davis (SP ARI)
79 Michael J. Hurcomb Rondell White (OF MIN)
80 David Gonos Scott Hatteberg (1B CIN)
Round 9
81 David Gonos Jorge De La Rosa (RP KC)
82 Michael J. Hurcomb Ryan Franklin (SP STL)
83 Larry Dobrow Brandon Inge (3B DET)
84 Dave Richard Joey Gathright (OF KC)
85 Sergio Gonzalez Scott Podsednik (OF CHW)
86 Tony Fernandez Jacque Jones (OF CHC)
87 Jamey Eisenberg Jose A. Bautista (OF PIT)
88 Eric Mack Mark Grudzielanek (2B KC)
89 Peter Madden Corey Koskie (3B MIL)
90 J. Darin Darst Mike Maroth (SP DET)
Round 10
91 J. Darin Darst Josh Fogg (SP COL)
92 Peter Madden Russ Ortiz (SP SF)
93 Eric Mack Miguel Olivo (C FLA)
94 Jamey Eisenberg Reggie D. Abercrombie (OF FLA)
95 Tony Fernandez Jeff Francoeur (OF ATL)
96 Sergio Gonzalez Wilson Betemit (3B LA)
97 Dave Richard Gavin Floyd (SP CHW)
98 Larry Dobrow Jamie Moyer (SP PHI)
99 Michael J. Hurcomb Gregg Zaun (C TOR)
100 David Gonos Akinori Iwamura (3B TB)
Round 11
101 David Gonos Aaron Hill (2B TOR)
102 Michael J. Hurcomb Kelly Johnson (2B ATL)
103 Larry Dobrow Kevin Millar (1B BAL)
104 Dave Richard Kyle Lohse (SP CIN)
105 Sergio Gonzalez Mike Hampton (SP ATL)
106 Tony Fernandez Brad B. Wilkerson (OF TEX)
107 Jamey Eisenberg Sean Burnett (SP PIT)
108 Eric Mack Terrmel Sledge (OF SD)
109 Peter Madden Travis Lee (1B WAS)
110 J. Darin Darst Ryan Langerhans (OF ATL)
Round 12
111 J. Darin Darst Jeremy Affeldt (RP COL)
112 Peter Madden Shawn Green (OF NYM)
113 Eric Mack Omar Vizquel (SS SF)
114 Jamey Eisenberg J.P. Howell (SP TB)
115 Tony Fernandez Eric Milton (SP CIN)
116 Sergio Gonzalez Sidney Ponson (SP MIN)
117 Dave Richard Braden Looper (RP STL)
118 Larry Dobrow Juan Pierre (OF LA)
119 Michael J. Hurcomb Scott Thorman (1B ATL)
120 David Gonos Ronny Paulino (C PIT)
Round 13
121 David Gonos Emil Brown (OF KC)
122 Michael J. Hurcomb Salomon Torres (RP PIT)
123 Larry Dobrow Antonio Alfonseca (RP PHI)
124 Dave Richard Chris Burke (2B HOU)
125 Sergio Gonzalez B.J. Upton (3B TB)
126 Tony Fernandez Dan Kolb (RP PIT)
127 Jamey Eisenberg Brian Meadows (RP CIN)
128 Eric Mack Kyle Davies (SP ATL)
129 Peter Madden Horacio Ramirez (SP SEA)
130 J. Darin Darst Aaron Miles (2B STL)
Round 14
131 J. Darin Darst Lance Niekro (1B SF)
132 Peter Madden Ray King (RP WAS)
133 Eric Mack Matt Herges (RP COL)
134 Jamey Eisenberg Jason Grilli (RP DET)
135 Tony Fernandez Marcus Giles (2B SD)
136 Sergio Gonzalez Ricky Nolasco (SP FLA)
137 Dave Richard Jay Payton (OF BAL)
138 Larry Dobrow LaTroy Hawkins (RP COL)
139 Michael J. Hurcomb Mike Lowell (3B BOS)
140 David Gonos Claudio Vargas (SP MIL)
Round 15
141 David Gonos Jose Mesa (RP DET)
142 Michael J. Hurcomb Tim Redding (SP WAS)
143 Larry Dobrow Jose Valentin (2B NYM)
144 Dave Richard Albert Pujols (1B STL)
145 Sergio Gonzalez Daisuke Matsuzaka (SP BOS)
146 Tony Fernandez Brandon McCarthy (SP TEX)
147 Jamey Eisenberg Jamey Carroll (2B COL)
148 Eric Mack Bruce Chen (RP TEX)
149 Peter Madden Danny Graves (RP COL)
150 J. Darin Darst Armando Benitez (RP SF)

You play in a Fantasy Baseball league with an odd-ball structure or scoring system? We want to hear about it, especially Senior Fantasy Writer David Gonos, who will be cobbling together the highlights for his annual exercise in March madness, Fantasy Baseball edition.

E-mail us at Be sure to put Attn: Quirky Leagues in the subject field. Please include your full name, hometown and state. We will be posting the best and most interesting submissions.