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Albert Cesare

The first Dynasty trade chart of 2023 has a very similar look at the top from what we've seen the past year. Justin Jefferson, Ja"Marr Chase, CeeDee Lamb, and Jonathan Taylor have been mainstays in the top five. And Breece Hall has been in that neighborhood ever since he was drafted. By the time we get to next year, I would expect to say something similar about Bijan Robinson. 

Another thing that doesn't change much over the years are my suggestions for how you should use the below trade chart. But I do know that not everyone reads everything I write. So this time feels like as good as any for a refresher.

First, the chart below is based on PPR leagues that start one quarterback. If you can start two quarterbacks in your league, add 20 points to the value of the quarterbacks. And give guys like Kirk Cousins a boost over less certain QB2s.

These values are built as a catch-all, but that's not the way Dynasty leagues actually work. If you're one of the top four teams in your league, you should value veteran stars considerably more than the I do below. If you're one of the worst four teams in the league, you should value youth more. If you aren't sure which of those you are, your first priority should be figuring that out. I never want to be caught in the middle. I either want to be working towards contending or working towards rebuilding.

Finally, for any two-for-one deal, the team getting the best player should pay 10% extra iin the deal. In a three-for-one I would make that 20%. I'd be very skeptical making a deal more lopsided than that. Four quarters does not equal a dollar in Dynasty Fantasy Football.

Here's the updated trade chart: