The best part about Dynasty Fantasy Football is the fact that when we get to January, we're nowhere close to done. There's offseason trading, rookie drafts to prepare for, and maybe even off-season waivers. And we're going to be here for all of it, starting with our updated 2023 Dynasty rankings coming this week. Late in January we'll have Dynasty Tiers and by the time February rolls around we'll be pushing out mock drafts, mailbags, and rookie prospect profiles for the 2023 NFL Draft

At the receiver position, the first thing that sticks out is the youth at the top of the rankings. Cooper Kupp is the only wide receiver in the top 10 who will be over 26 years old by Week 1. And A.J. Brown is the only other receiver in the top 10 who won't have his 25th birthday before the 2023 season begins. Part of that is because I don't weigh 2023 projections as heavily this time of year.

The main reason I weigh current-year projections more in August than January is that they're more accurate in August and I don't want to change my valuation too much based on a bad guess about 2023 circumstances. The other desirable outcome is that it increases the value of younger players during the offseason. This is desirable because draft picks are the only safe Dynasty asset that will hold or gain value. But young players are the next closest thing.

If something goes wrong for Kupp, Tyreek Hill, or Davante Adams this offseason, it could tank their Dynasty value. If a younger player has a similar negative impact, their value will take a hit, but likely rebound in the future. Given the choice, I'd rather hold a DK Metcalf than Davante Adams over the offseason, but Adams will likely be higher in the rankings in August if nothing goes wrong between now and then.

Here are my updated Dynasty rankings at wide receiver: