Daily fantasy pick'em games like DraftKings Pick6, PrizePicks, Sleeper Fantasy and Underdog are growing in popularity and feature similar formats. For each daily Fantasy pick'em contest, you're presented with a series of individual player props and simply pick whether you think the total for that particular statistic will go over or under the given number. You're effectively playing a parlay in peer-to-peer contests and the more legs you hit, the bigger your potential payout (without having to hit every leg like in traditional parlays).

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How to enter daily Fantasy pick'em contests on sites like DraftKings Pick 6 and PrizePicks

Every site has tweaked the format, but the basic concept is relatively simple. You are presented with a series of player props and you must decide whether you think a player will go over or under the given benchmarks. The more picks you get right, the better your chances of winning a sizable payout.

For example, in DraftKings Pick6 in football, you might be given six quarterback props and you have to decide whether they'll go over or under certain numbers with regards to total passing yards. You make your picks, set your amount, and every $1 you bet is counted as an individual entry. The total number of entries then becomes the prize pool and potential payouts are determined by the results.

It's similar to parimutuel betting in horse racing, where odds/payouts are determined after wagering has taken place. In DraftKings Pick6, you are allowed a maximum of 150 entries for a given pick set. In the example above, the prize pool might look as follows in a contest with 25,000 entries:

  • Participants who get 6/6 share $15,000
  • Participants who get 5/6 share $7,500
  • Participants who get 4/6 share $2,500

If three players get all six picks correct, they'd win $5,000 each. If 50 players got 5/6 right, they'd cash for $150. If 1,000 players managed to get 4/6, they'd win $2.50. In DraftKings Pick6, they'll give you estimated prize pools before contests begin but actual payouts can't be determined until afterword.

Meanwhile, on PrizePicks, you remove the player vs. player element and effectively play against the house. You're creating your own parlay and playing against the site but you can earn payouts without having to hit every leg of the parlay like in traditional sports betting.

There are modifiers available to the PrizePicks format but in a standard Pick Six format, you receive 25x your buy-in for hitting all six picks, double your money if you go 5/6 and get half your entry back if you go 4/6. Sites like Sleeper Fantasy and Underdog also employ their own formats but all provide a simpler approach to daily Fantasy sports.

How to get daily Fantasy pick'em advice with SportsLine

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