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The Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial T20 trophy match between the Northern Knights and Munster Reds on Wednesday had to be suspended after a massive swarm of bees descended upon the pitch. Some 20,000 bees invaded the match at the Mardyke in Cork, forcing players and umpires alike to hit the ground for cover as the swarm made it impossible for players to make it to the boundary line.

The bee infestation delaying the game lasted nearly two hours, as the bees began to congregate around their queen and make their hive near the pavilion where spectators were watching. The delay lasted until local beekeeper Mauro Dias was summoned, who diffused the situation by finding the Queen Bee and causing the swarm to disperse. Dias works for Buzz of Nature, a local bee rescue service that ultimately saved the match.

The bee delay lasted 112 minutes in total, forcing the Knights and Reds' game to be reduced in length. The Knights would end up winning the game by seven wickets.

The Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial T20 trophy match is part of a larger cricket festival celebrating the sport at the domestic level.