The Women’s Sports Foundation is not happy the WNBA's New York Liberty has decided to make former NBA player and executive Isiah Thomas a part owner and team president, according to CBS New York.

The foundation launched a petition Thursday in an attempt to keep Thomas from being a part owner. The organization is taking aim at Thomas' controversial past.

In 2007, former Knicks executive Anucha Browne Sanders accused Thomas -- who was formerly the Knicks coach and president of basketball operations -- of sexual harassment. She was fired and sued over her termination. A jury ruled Sanders was improperly let go by the Knicks. Sanders eventually received an $11.5 million settlement. However, Thomas was not found to be liable.

The foundation's petition is asking the the WNBA Board of Governors to take action. Thomas' part ownership of the Liberty is currently pending approval from the league. 

"Every day, young girls across the country hone their skills in hopes of one day scoring the winning basket on a college court or in the WNBA Championships," the Women’s Sports Foundation said in a statement. "The WNBA’s message to those girls if Mr. Thomas is approved as part-owner of the New York Liberty is that sexual harassment -- inexcusable behavior in any other workplace -- is not only tolerated but is instead rewarded at the WNBA.

"When Donald Sterling was found making disparaging racial comments, he was banned from professional basketball for the rest of his life. The same rules must apply to sexual misconduct and the WNBA.”