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Throughout the offseason, the CBS Sports MLB experts will bring you a weekly Batting Around roundtable breaking down pretty much anything. The latest news, a historical question, thoughts about the future of baseball, all sorts of stuff. Last week we discussed the merits of a free agent signing deadline. This week, we're going to tackle Pete Alonso's future as he enters his free agent year.

Where will Alonso be after the trade deadline? What about Opening Day 2025?

R.J. Anderson: It's an interesting question. David Stearns does not strike me as the kind of executive who wants to commit a long-term deal to a right-right first baseman -- even one as accomplished and popular as Alonso. At the same time, I could see Steve Cohen having trepidation about trading Alonso, or otherwise making it appear that the Mets didn't strongly attempt to retain his services beyond this year. If such a clash exists, I suspect Stearns will win out. I don't think Cohen would hire him after all these years just to limit his control over baseball operations decisions. As for specific teams … let's say that Alonso ends up on the Rays after the deadline. And, for a super random pull, the Nationals next year.

Matt Snyder: I'll say Mets and Mets. It might require a conversation between David Stearns and Steve Cohen in which Cohen explains that he wants to have the Dodgers model, where Andrew Friedman came from the Rays but decided since he had access to so much more money he was able to act like a big-market exec instead of trying to run the Dodgers like the Rays. If Stearns wants to run the Mets like the Brewers, it's a major mistake both on his part and on the part of Cohen for hiring him. I'll say sanity wins out and Stearns eventually realizes he can spend to keep Alonso around while also building the foundation of the ballclub from the minors on up to the majors the way he wants. 

Dayn Perry: Even with the health uncertainties surrounding Kodai Senga, I'm not comfortable saying the Mets will be out of contention by the trade deadline, particularly with that extra wild-card spot in each league. So I'll say Alonso remains in Queens through the deadline. I don't see Stearns committing to a first baseman, even a popular home-run artist like Alonso, well into his 30s. That's perhaps especially the case given that Alonso's low batting averages and strikeout issues don't bode well for his aging curve. Instead, I'll say he inks a free-agent contract with the Giants next offseason. 

Mike Axisa: I'm with Dayn in that I don't see the Mets being so far out of contention at the trade deadline that trading Alonso is a no-brainer. That said, Stearns is the type who maximizes value whenever possible, so much so that he'll trade popular players even in the middle of a postseason race (see: Hader, Josh). Whatever the return is at the deadline will be better than the compensation draft pick the Mets would receive for losing Alonso to free agency (a pick after the fourth round given their competitive balance tax status). My guess is Alonso winds up with the Rangers at the trade deadline, then next year the Mariners step out of their budget comfortable zone and give him a big free-agent contract.