UMA Health, an online mental health marketplace, is offering Mets fans free therapy sessions for their trouble. However, since the company has to make a profit, it's doing it by asking a question guaranteed to trigger further sessions. Mets fans must first fill out a form asking about their most difficult moments as fans.

This could be anything. It could be the 2007 and 2008 collapses, the 2000 Subway Series -- it could even be this season. The Mets are the second-worst team in the NL East at 45-64 in an injury-ridden season that saw the team make no deadline moves to give it hope for its future. So things are looking pretty bleak. The particular offer came around after the Mets' 25-4 loss to the Washington Nationals on deadline day. Some fans might put seeing Jose Reyes on the mound among their worst moments.

The offer does have a good cause. It's being done in an effort to remove the stigma around both mental health and seeking out therapy. There's certainly something to be said for Mets fans needing someone to talk to at this point. They've lost David Wright and Yoenis Cespedes -- not to mention Tim Tebow -- for the season. So outside of Jacob deGrom and Noah Sydnergaard outings, there's not much getting people to the ballpark at this point.