At least 10 teams could be in the mix for Cole Hamels and Zack Greinke, according to's Jon Heyman.

The Phillies are still trying to sign Hamels to a long-term deal, but Heyman talked to an official who gave that scenario a 30 percent chance of playing out. Heyman said the Brewers have a better chance of signing Greinke to a long-term deal.

While Matt Garza was initially drawing a lot of interest because he's under contract longer, teams see him as a mid-rotation starter. Some teams would rather go after a top-flight starter, even if he departs at season's end.

  • The Rangers have more interest in Hamels and view Greinke as a fallback option. Jurickson Profar and Mike Olt might be untouchable.
  • Peter Bourjos would have to be in any deal for Hamels. The Angels have said they don't want to part with Bourjos, but it may be necessary. 
  • The Tigers and White Sox could use either player. The White Sox have had injuries in their rotation, and the Tigers don't have a solid number two starter behind Justin Verlander.
  • The Dodgers are going to be major players for Hamels in the offseason, so they may go after him now. They could consider Ryan Dempster.
  • The Red Sox don't view Greinke as a fit, but would consider Hamels and Garza.
  • Greinke has drawn a lot of interest from the Braves and Orioles. Both teams have the pieces to get a deal done, but the Orioles do not want to part with pitcher Dylan Bundy or shortstop Manny Machado, who are the team's top prospects. 
  • The Yankees don't have a huge need for a starter, but do have interest in Hamels. They will not give up pitcher Manuel Banuelos or outfielder Gary Sanchez, however. They do not view Greinke as a fit.
  • Hamels and Greinke would make sense for the Blue Jays, but Heyman calls them a long shot.