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It's rare to see two managers ejected in the same game, but that's exactly what happened during Monday's contest between the Los Angeles Angels and Cleveland Guardians. In the seventh inning, Guardians manager Terry Francona and Angels manager Phil Nevin were tossed without a pitch being thrown in between the ejections.

With two outs in the inning, Guardians second baseman Andres Gimenez was up to bat when Angels pitcher Ryan Tepera appeared to hit Gimenez with a pitch. Immediately after the pitch was thrown, Gimenez pointed to his left foot to show that he was struck the pitch. 

However, home plate umpire Ron Kulpa didn't rule that Tepera's pitch struck Gimenez. Kulpa also stated that the Guardians didn't ask for the play to be reviewed in the allotted amount of time.

As one can imagine, Francona was visibly upset about the fact that the play wasn't going to be reviewed. Francona went out to confront Kulpa and even had to be restrained.

Francona certainly wasn't given much leeway to argue the call as he was quickly given his walking papers. It was the first time this season that Francona has been ejected and the 47th time in his managerial career.

"Gimi pointed to us, I think everybody could see it," Francona said after the game. "I put my hand up and I know they didn't see me. They told me that Gimi was already engaged with the pitcher. I said 'No, he wasn't. He stepped out and pointed.' After that I just checked on his family a little bit and he checked on mine."

Following Francona's tirade, Nevin became irritated when Kulpa wouldn't allow Tepera to throw a warmup pitch after a five-minute delay due to Francona's ejection. Nevin came out to confront Kulpa and was also quickly ejected for arguing that decision.

It was the fourth ejection of the season for Nevin.

After both Francona and Nevin were ejected, the game finally resumed with Gimenez grounding out to end the inning. The Guardians ended up defeating the Angels 5-4 thanks to a go-ahead RBI double from shortstop Amed Rosario earlier in the seventh inning.