As recently as two days ago, Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski was telling reporters his team was trying for the playoffs and would not be looking to sell before Friday's deadline. However, the team is apparently changing gears, telling Wednesday the team is "rebooting" -- apparently they needed two go 2-0 over the last 48 hours and their two losses to the Rays in that span just ruined their plans.

Either way, as Baseball Insider Jon Heyman confirmed, the team is now willing to listen to offers on players ahead of the deadline. That doesn't necessarily mean they will be selling, but their phones are plugged in and the batteries are charged, so opposing general managers have to at least shoot them a text. Especially because the Tigers have exactly the sort of talents that can totally shake up a playoff race.  

The headline is David Price, a legitimate ace who belongs on anyone's list of the 10 best starting pitchers in baseball -- and who was the big, landscape-altering pitcher the Tigers acquired to supplement their playoff run a year ago. Despite stumbling against the Rays Tuesday, Price still has a 2.53 ERA on the season, with a 3.00 FIP and nearly a strikeout per inning on the season, and is a five-time All-Star. And he has a Cy Young award locked away in his trophy case. Heyman lists the Dodgers, Giants, Blue Jays, Astros and Yankees as potentially interested suitors, along with anyone who has been targeted in the Cole Hamels discussion.

Of course, Price isn't the only impact player the Tigers are likely looking to move. Yoenis Cespedes is also mentioned as a very likely trade candidate, and his power can be a game-changer. The 29-year-old has 17 homers in 101 games this season, and has also scored 60 runs and drive in 58. He was a 3.3 WAR player over all of last season, but has improved his defense enough to grade out as a 3.5 WAR player to this point, per FanGraphs. He is the kind of corner outfielder who would make perfect sense on a team like the Rangers or Mets.   

This is an uncomfortable and new position for the Tigers to be in; they are usually the team bolstering their roster with a big trade down the stretch. However, Dave Dombrowski is smart enough to know that, when you go all-in and things don't work, it is better to pull the plug and restart than double down. The Tigers will be back in contention soon, and whatever trades they make will likely play a big part in getting them their. 

Yankees turn to Price after Phillies ask for Severino or Judge

All week, the line has remained the same from the Yankees: "We aren't moving on of our four best prospects." That list includes Luis Severino, Aaron Judge, Greg Bird and Jorge Mate, and Heyman reports that the team is unwilling to include any combination of the four in any deal. Of course, with Price on the market as a true game-changing force, maybe that changes. Plus, with Price and Hamels both out there, the market is somewhat flooded with high-end left-handed starters, which could paradoxically drop the price in either.  

Fantasy spin: What do you expect me to say? Price is a true, bonafide ace, and there isn't much reason to think he would have any more or less value in Yankees Stadium than Comerica Park or anywhere else. Dominance plays anywhere.  

Mets still seeking big bat; Upton, CarGo, Gomez, Parra, Bruce work

With the Royals and Angels no longer looking for left-handed bats for their outfield, the Mets may have found themselves in a buyer's market if they set their sights a little lower and focus on the Will Venable or Gerardo Parra types out there. Carlos Gonzalez, Carlos Gomez and Justin Uptin would likely still carry a significant price tag, while Jay Bruce probably lands in the middle. The Padres and Mets have reportedly reached an impasse on Upton, but could resume talks again, and the Reds were reportedly interested in Zack Wheeler for Jay Bruce; that seems like a high asking price even with Wheeler recovering from Tommy John surgery. Marlon Byrd is also mentioned as a fallback option. 

Fantasy spin: Citi Field has actually played as a plus for left-handed hitters this season, actually ranking as the second-best locale in baseball per's handedness Park Factors. This wouldn't be as bad as it seems for someone like Bruce or Gonzalez. 

Yankees reject request for Mateo in Kimbrel talks; star closer may stay

That thing about the Yankees being unwilling to move one of their top prospects for Hamels? You have to imagine it is doubly true for Craig Kimbrel, as good as he is. The Yankees are willing to pay all of Kimbrel's contract, but the Padres asking price is too high, even with them getting out of the $28 million remaining on his deal. The Blue Jays and Astros remain interested, but the Padres may hang on to the 27-year-old at this point. 

Fantasy spin: The Padres have given Kimbrel plenty of save opportunities so far despite his struggles, and it is always hard to predict something as random as that. However, you have to imagine going to a contender would be better for Kimbrel's save numbers, especially one like the Yankees that could pair him with multiple dominant set-up men.

Padres like Cubs power prospect Javier Baez; teams have talked

According to, the Padres rank dead last in the majors with 341 weight runs created for the season, and 44.9 percent of that has come from their outfield, the sixth-highest mark in baseball. It's not even that their outfield has been particularly good; their infield has just been that bad, ranking dead last in wRC. Their interest in a middle infielder with 30-plus homer potential makes a ton of sense, even with Baez's glaring flaws. For his part, Baez has been excellent in Triple-A this season, hitting .317/.387/.572, and his strikeout rate has fallen from 29.9 percent at Triple-A last season to 25.2 percent. The Padres would probably have to part with Andrew Cashner or Tyson Ross, but Baez would be a good start for any package.  

Fantasy spin: Baez's contact issues are going to stand in his way, but he has considerable Fantasy potential as a shortstop with his kind of power. Petco Park has actually played as a positive for right-handed power this season, though that is an outlier over the last few seasons and may not hold up. Still, Baez might have the kind of power that can play up absolutely anywhere; he hit 37 homers across two levels in 2013 and followed that up with 32 between Triple-A and the Majors last season despite his massive strikeout issues. Just going somewhere he gets to play would put him back on the Fantasy map. 

Chatter from around the league 

  • If the Dodgers can pull off a trade for Hamels or Price, they may have the Marlins to thank; USA Today reports the competitive balance pick the Dodgers acquired in Wednesday's expected-to-be-consummated-eventually Mat Latos trade would likley be part of whatever offer they make for a star pitcher. 
  • Speaking of the Latos trade, the Dodgers are reportedly looking to find a third team to swing Michael Morse to before finishing the trade with the Marlins, hence the hold up. Among the prospects heading back to Miami, only right-hander Jeff Brigham's name has been pinpointed as a likely candidate
  • Of course, maybe that trade won't even go down, as the Chicago Sun-Times reported Wednesday afternoon there is a hold on the physicals, in addition to the third team's potential involvement. 
  • The Reds are unlikely to move closer Aroldis Chapman before the deadline, with the market for his services dwindling, ESPN reports. 
  • The Blue Jays are still considering Mike Leake as a potential upgrade for their rotation reports FOX Sports, though the team continues to eye a number of the sub-elite starters out there.
  • The Astros are monitoring the closer market, according to Kimbrel, Joaquin Benoit and Francisco Rodriguez have all been discussed. 
  • The Orioles have been asked about Manny Machado's availability by some of the teams looking to move big bats. Which wouldn't make much sense for Baltimore, seeing as he's probably their best hitter and is still young and cheap. Worth asking, I guess. They also aren't interested in trading Kevin Guasman or Mychal Givens in their search for an impact bat.