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David Samson sat down on his podcast, Nothing Personal with David Samson, this week to discuss a variety of topics with former Miami Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison. Morrison, an 11-year MLB veteran, shared his thoughts on the drawn-out 2020 season negotiations between players and owners and the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal, among many others.

"It's about PR, it's always about PR, Morrison said of the tense negotiations for a 2020 season amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

"Like when Mike Trout tweets, 'Hey, tell us when and where,' guess what happened? (MLB commissioner Rob Manfred) flies to Arizona to meet with (Union leader Tony Clark) to fake negotiate again, to show PR. Like 'Hey, we're trying to get something done but these players are being unreasonable.' No, we're not. We just want to get paid for our games, that's it. Not take a 30-percent cut."

Morrison, who played nine games with the Brewers in 2020, explained that he was receiving emails from the union throughout the shutdown with updates on the negotiations. 

Samson and Morrison also discussed the Astros' sign-stealing scandal, which was revealed one year ago Thursday. Morrison explained his issues came from the investigation's immunity deal with the players involved.

"The Astros told on themselves and no other team got in trouble for this," Morrison said. "I don't know if other teams were banging trash cans, but I know a lot of other teams were doing some shady stuff. Right, so they go into the Astros and they say, 'Hey we'll give you immunity if you tell us what happened.'

"There's no such thing as immunity, you can't get in trouble for something like this in the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement). There's nothing going to happen to these players, nobody is going to get suspended or fined ever. It's nonexistent. So then these players -- because our union doesn't do the best job of educating players then talk -- they were scared. And then the union found out and said, 'Woah, woah, woah, guys stop telling on yourself.' And so that got to the Red Sox and the Yankees, so they're never going to find out what happened with any other teams."

Samson and Morrison also talked about their time together in Miami, MLB operating without a salary cap and Morrison's outlook for his life after baseball.

You can listen to the full interview between Samson and Morrison below:

Morrison, 33, was drafted by the Marlins out of high school in the 2005 MLB Draft, and played four seasons for Miami before he was traded in 2013 to the Seattle Mariners. In August, Milwaukee designated Morrison for assignment. Morrison cleared waivers, rejected an outright assignment and elected for free agency.