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The Red Sox at Nationals game was important on Sunday for the playoff picture, as the Red Sox needed to win in order to clinch a wild card spot. They did just that. But there was a special moment in the home dugout at Nationals Park on Sunday as well.

In what sure looks like his final game with the team -- and possibly the final game of his career -- Nationals first baseman Ryan Zimmerman was removed in the late innings to give the fans a chance to give him an ovation. The Red Sox dugout took part as well in the heartwarming moment. He was also given a big ovation before his first at-bat of the game. Here's a look:

Look at the tears from Zimmerman. Good stuff all around here. "If this was the last day, it was a hell of a day," he told reporters afterward.

Zimmerman was the first first-round pick of the Washington Nationals once they came into existence. They were the Montreal Expos in 2004 and then the Nats in 2005. Zimmerman was taken fourth overall in 2005. He then debuted that season in September, so he's been with the club since pretty much the beginning. 

One of the backbones of the team for years, Zimmerman has come to be called Mr. National. He's a two-time All-Star and has taken part in 35 Nationals playoff games, notably as part of the 2019 World Series championship. 

Now 37 years old, hitting free agency and not nearly as productive as he once was -- especially with the Nationals facing a rebuild -- it appears that this is the end of the road with Zimmerman in a Nationals uniform. Sunday was a nice send off. 

Something similar played out across the nation in Seattle, though it's a bit more baffling from the team perspective. The Mariners took Kyle Seager out of the game so he could get his ovation. 

It's nice and you love seeing the emotions and respect given to Seager by the fans and his teammates, but Seager just had a season with 35 homers and 101 RBI on a team that missed the playoffs by just two games and should be ready to contend again next season. There's a $20 million option for next season and the Mariners could absolutely afford to pick that up. It appears they might not want to. 

Regardless, it was good to see the ovations given to Zimmerman and Seager on Sunday.