The old cliche about baseball is that you see something new everyday. Whether or not that's true, hey, who cares -- the point is baseball offers a nearly endless amount of possibilities, including if and how players are going to make catches. We note that specific scenario, because Tuesday night's Triple-A game between the Memphis Redbirds (Cardinals) and Nashville Sounds (Rangers) featured some nifty tag-team action on the Sounds' part.

Take a look:

Now, let's break down what we just saw. Joe Palumbo delivered a pitch to Andrew Knizner, who looped it into right field. That's where outfielder Scott Heineman attempted to make a sliding grab. He failed, with the ball bouncing off some part of his leg. 

Incredibly, the ball ricocheted up into the air high enough for second baseman Christian Lopes to adjust and make a diving grab of his own, securing the unconventional fly out.

Palumbo and Knizner are legitimate prospects, by the way, so expect to be hearing their names more often in the years to come -- even it was Heineman and Lopes who were the stars on this particular play.