A wild play you have to see to believe took place on Sunday during a baseball game between the Virginia and Pittsburgh. The bases loaded with no one out, so it already had a pretty exciting setup.

Then, a triple play was turned. Take a look at what went down:

If you are not sure exactly what you just watched, let's break it down.

Bryce Hullet was up for the Panthers and hit one over by the third base line. The third baseman for the Cavaliers, Jake Gelof, was ready for what came his way, fielded the hit and threw the ball to catcher Kyle Teel for an out at home. 

The play was far from over there, though, as Teel threw to first to get the Panthers batter out.

Where it gets confusing is that first baseman Devin Ortiz appeared to think his catch at first was the final out for the inning, and celebrated as such. It was only the second out, however, and after realizing there was one to go, he attempted to make another play.

His attempt was successful, and the runner on third, who thought maybe he had the time to score, bolted for home plate. Ortiz had already tossed the ball to the mound, so he had to hurry to get it back and quickly get the ball to home.

Ortiz was just fast enough, and secured the third out for his team. Now Ortiz could finally celebrate, this time for real.

This was the first triple play for UVA since Ryan Zimmerman, a recently retired MLB star, was part of one for the Cavaliers in 2004.