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HOUSTON - Is this it? The end of the road? 

We started this season just about seven months ago. In some ways it's flown by. In others, that seems ages ago. 

Astros fans: Do you remember Framber Valdez going 6 2/3 scoreless innings and Alex Bregman and Yordan Alvarez going back-to-back in the eighth inning? That was opening day. 

Phillies fans: Remember Kyle Schwarber leading off the season with a bomb? I guess not much has changed. Well, the manager has, at least, but you get the point. 

It's a long season. And yet, it makes me a bit sad that it's almost over, whether there are one or two games left. Let's dig in. As always, all lines are courtesy of Caesars. 

Bryce Harper, yep, OVER 1.5 total bases (+130)

He hit for us again, doubling in Game 5.  It would be akin to not doubling on 11 to pass on him at this point. He's been the single best player throughout the postseason and hopefully everyone reading has been riding him. He did post an 0 for 4 in Game 2, when Valdez started for the Astros and that's the same matchup. 

I don't care. We're finishing this ride. 

Jose Altuve, OVER 1.5 total bases (+145)

The stud leadoff man is actually 6 for 17 with two doubles in the last four games after a brutal start to the playoffs. He led off the bottom of the first in Game 2 against Zack Wheeler with a double and did the same in Game 5 off Noah Syndergaard. He'll get Wheeler again in this one. 

That's it. We're keeping it simple today. I think we see at least one extra-base hit from Bryce Harper and either multiple singles or an extra-base job from Altuve. Otherwise, I'm going to enjoy this as if it's one last ride in 2022. It's been a pleasure. 

And if we have to run it all back tomorrow, well, that'll be fun, too.