Once a reliable starting center, Anderson Varejao has had some bad luck over the last few seasons.

He was a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers when they lost to the Golden State Warriors in the 2015 NBA Finals. In February of 2016, in the middle of his 12th season with the Cavs, he was traded to the Trail Blazers and waived ... but he was quickly signed by the defending champion Warriors. Good news, right?

Not so much. The 73-win Warriors famously blew a 3-1 lead in the 2016 Finals to lose to those very same Cavaliers. Cleveland had the option to offer Varejao a ring since he played 31 games with the team that season, but Varejao squashed that idea by saying that he wouldn't accept the ring, even if offered, because he had played against them in the Finals.

He then re-signed with the Warriors before the 2016-17 season, and with the addition of Kevin Durant it looked like Varejao would finally get his ring. Alas, Golden State backup point guard Shaun Livingston suffered a mid-season injury, and the Warriors waived Varejao to make room for replacement guard Briante Weber.

Well now, finally, at the age of 35, it appears that Varejao will receive his ring. The Brazilian center only played 14 games with the Warriors last season, but the team voted to give him a ring anyway. This time, Varejao readily accepted.

Varejao explained the situation to Brazilian site sportv.globo.com.

"Two weeks ago I got a call from the Golden State and they told me that there was a vote between the players and the coaching staff, and they decided that it would be well deserved that I receive a ring for the time I spent with them. This recognition, their affection, makes me proud and honored. I will accept this ring, which represents much more than a title to me, represents our history together, every moment I spent with them."

He likely will not play another NBA game, so this is a fitting end for Varejao, who had already missed out on two rings because of bad timing.

The Warriors will hold their ring ceremony and raise their latest championship banner before their opening night matchup against the Houston Rockets on Oct. 17.