The 1992 Dream Team might be the best basketball team ever assembled, and game-worn memorabilia from those Olympics is worth a large sum of money. Hall of Fame player Karl Malone found that out when he auctioned off some of his teammates' collectibles on Wednesday.

Malone sold the rare memorabilia through Goldin in a Dream Team Auction. Unsurprisingly, the most valuable item that sold was an autographed Michael Jordan jersey with a message for Malone.

The jersey, which featured the message "To Karl, good luck," went for $3,030,000.

In addition to Jordan's jersey, an autographed Larry Bird jersey sold for $360,000, and an autographed pair of Bird's sneakers sold for $91,200. Those set records as the most expensive Bird game-worn jersey and sneakers ever sold at auction.

Malone wound up pocketing more than $5 million when the auction was over, per a report from That's not a bad profit for selling some of your teammates' old merchandise.

Malone and the rest of the Dream Team crushed the competition at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. No team ever came close to challenging Team USA, and the Americans rolled to a 117-85 victory over Croatia in the gold medal game.