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The NBA announced the game officials for the Finals on Thursday, and Eric Lewis is not on the list. Lewis was assigned to the last four NBA Finals, but is under league investigation because of a possible burner account on Twitter

"Regarding Eric Lewis and the social media posts, we are continuing to review the matter and he will not be working the Finals," NBA spokesman Mike Bass told the Associated Press' Tim Reynolds.  

Marc Stein first reported that the league was formally looking into the matter on May 26.

The 12 officials assigned to this year's Finals between the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat are Tony Brothers (refereeing his 12th Finals), Marc Davis (12th), Scott Foster (16th), John Goble (7th), David Guthrie (6th), Bill Kennedy (5th), Courtney Kirkland (3rd), Ed Malloy (8th), Kevin Scott (1st), Josh Tiven (4th), James Williams (3rd) an Zach Zarba (10th). 

"The pinnacle for an NBA official is to work the NBA Finals," president of league operations Byron Spruell said in the press release. "This group has demonstrated through their outstanding work during the playoffs that they are worthy of being selected to officiate in the NBA Finals."

Game 1 of the Finals is on Thursday, and the officials will be Davis, Guthrie and Malloy.