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Tyrese Haliburton may never turn the ball over again. OK, that's dramatic, but seriously in back-to-back games, he's put up monster numbers, a combined 53 points, 28 assists and 17 rebounds without recording a single turnover. Not only is Haliburton the only player in NBA history to record 50+ points and 25+ assists without turning the ball over during a two-game span, this is the second time this season he's done that. He did it during a two-game stretch in November, too. 

He's also the only player in league history with multiple performances where he's recorded 25+ points, 15+ assists and zero turnovers. It's mind-blowing stuff what he's been doing this season, but when you watch him play you'll understand how he's putting up such efficient numbers in every way. During the Pacers' 128-119 win over the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday to advance to the In-Season Tournament championship game, that efficiency was on full display.

When Haliburton has the ball everything is intentional, and he's never wasting possessions which is why he's been so efficient over these last two games with zero turnovers. He's never over-dribbling or pounding the rock until the shot clock runs down, he's constantly assessing what the defense is giving him and putting his teammates in the best possible situation to score. His manipulation of pick-and-rolls, where he sometimes rejects the screen, pulls the other defender to him and kicks it back out to someone on the perimeter is just a mastery-level move. 

Haliburton's timing on his passes is also just elite. On this assist, with Isaiah Jackson coming to set the screen, Haliburton slows things down for a split second to catch both defenders' attention, then just delivers a routine bounce pass between the two Bucks players and Jackson had momentum and an easy look at the rim.

Then there's the straight up ridiculous, how-did-he-pull-that-off passes. Like this nasty kick out to Obi Toppin on the perimeter, where Haliburton drives to the rim, looks like he's going for the bucket then as he's coming down flips it through Giannis Antetokounmpo's arms to Toppin for the made 3-pointer.

Even if that pass looked like a risky move, as do some of Haliburton's more highlight-reel assists, he has such elite precision that it never feels like it's going to result in a turnover. But even knowing how well he takes care of the ball, what he's done in the last two games is just unheard of in the NBA. And he's doing it all while shooting the ball incredibly efficiently too.

Over the two games, Haliburton has shot 56.7% from the field, and 39.4% from deep. Against the Bucks, he was going shot-for-shot with Damian Lillard after Milwaukee's All-Star point guard started to heat up. After Lillard drained a long 3-pointer to cut into Indiana's lead, Haliburton immediately came down, drilled a 3-pointer of his own and ran back down the court while yelling "I can do that too."

Then in the fourth quarter, Haliburton delivered the dagger, a stepback 3-pointer over Brook Lopez to put the Pacers up 122-114 with just under a minute left. Right after sinking that shot, he hit the "Dame Time" celebration.

Haliburton delivers when his team needs him to get a bucket, and he takes high-percentage shots in the process. It's why he's shooting 52.1% from the field and 44.7% from deep this season, which you would think would be career highs for him, but they're not. That's just how efficient Haliburton has been since he entered the league. 

And while Haliburton's been doing this for quite some time, this year his game has just been elevated to a whole new level. What he's done in these last two games, both of which were in high-pressure situations with it being the in-season tournament, proved that.