Jermaine O'Neal will not return to the Celtics this season and may retire. (Getty Images)

On Monday, we posted on L.A.'s pursuit of Antawn Jamison nearing completion, bringing the veteran forward to Lakers team stacking up for a run. On Tuesday, Yahoo Sports reported that the Lakers are also close signing veteran, and we mean veteran, Jeremaine O'Neal. 

O'Neal played in just 25 games last season for Boston, and just 24 the year before as injuries have pushed him to the edge of retirement. It was thought by many that last season would be the last ride for the former All-Star. O'Neal himself said during the lockout that last season would be the end. Apparently he's changed his mind. 

O'Neal had season-ending wrist surgery in March. It's not known if he can add anything at all. But for a team desperate for reserve big men, he may not be a bad fit. Even if he can't give the Lakers anything, that's roughly the same as Troy Murphy last season. Yahoo also reports that Jordan Hill is still in talks with the Lakers after a promising season with L.A. last year after being traded in the Derek Fisher deal. 

O'Neal would sign for the veteran's minimum.