Bob Myers Getty Golden State Warriors General Manager
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Several players have made a habit of channeling the "Mamba Mentality" as a way to honor the late Kobe Bryant. The Los Angeles Lakers legend had an infamous work ethic throughout his Hall of Fame career and was constantly in the gym.

However, Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers has a problem with players using the "Mamba Mentality" slogan in an effort to gain a competitive edge.

"When people use the Mamba Mentality, you guys don't do that," Myers said during a recent episode of The "All the Smoke" podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. "You're not him. Nobody should be allowed to say that. I'm sorry. There is nobody there like him.

"When people say that, it bothers me and I'm like, I don't pretend like I do that, but I'm like, you don't get to say that. That's not a throwaway line ... I'm sorry, but that went with him. Come up with something else."

Myers simply believes that Bryant was a rare breed of basketball player that possessed a unique mindset of how he could gain a competitive edge over his opponent. The Warriors general manager also stated that Bryant wanted to do more than just beat the opposing team on the court.

"Not many guys want to take your will," Myers added. "A lot of guys want to beat you. Not many guys want to take your will and make it so you know never to try that again. 

"'Like, how dare you try to beat me? How dare you think you're going to come out here and beat me?' but nobody lives like, that's what I'm saying. That is not normal."

Ironically enough, Warriors second-year power forward Jonathan Kuminga has also adopted the "Mamba Mentality" early in his NBA career.

"I pretty much loved everything he did," Kuminga said back in October regarding the "Mamba Mentality." "His character. Just the way he acted, the way he carried himself. A lot of people maybe didn't like it, but he had something to prove. That's why when he got to the point where he accomplished pretty much everything he had, he wasn't acting disrespectful to the people. He was acting way different than everybody else because he knows he put all that work in."

Based off of Myers' comments, it's worth wondering if he has since approached Kuminga regarding his adoption of the "Mamba Mentality" as Kuminga embarks on his second season with the Warriors.