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College football bowl season begins today with the Bahamas Bowl and and Cure Bowl. NFL Draft analysts Ryan Wilson, Chris Trapasso and myself came together to answer some of the pressing bowl- and draft-related questions in a superlatives approach.

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1. Which prospect has the most to gain from bowl season?


Ryan Wilson: OT Dawand Jones, Ohio State

CBS prospect ranking: 45th overall (No. 7 OT)

"Jones is an enormous human, even by NFL offensive tackle standards, and despite his size -- he's listed at 6-foot-9, 370 pounds -- he's surprisingly nimble. Perhaps as impressive: his 36-inch arms. That said, he will need to continue to hone his technique, and he'll likely need to drop some weight to compete with NFL edge rushers at the next level. But a good showing in the playoffs could solidify his spot as one of the top offensive linemen in this class."

Chris Trapasso: OT Paris Johnson Jr., Ohio State

CBS prospect ranking: 17th overall (No. 2 OT)

"Dealing with the ferocious Georgia pass rush will be the ultimate litmus test for Johnson, who's in the race to be the first (or at least second) offensive tackle off the board in April. A strong performance against the Bulldogs would go a long way in boosting his stock."

Josh Edwards: C Luke Wypler, Ohio State

CBS prospect ranking: N/A

"Ryan and Chris were in the right neighborhood, but at the wrong house. Wypler is the choice, as he has an opportunity to prove himself against one of the best prospects expected to be available in the 2023 NFL Draft: Jalen Carter."


Wilson: EDGE Felix Anudike-Uzomah, Kansas State

CBS prospect ranking: 36th overall (No. 6 EDGE)

"There was a lot of buzz about Anudike-Uzomah before the season, and he has certainly flashed the speed, power and overall athleticism. He just needs to play with more consistency. That will come, of course, because of all the aforementioned physical tools -- and oh, by the way, he's still just 20 years old."

Trapasso: DT Bryan Bresee, Clemson

CBS prospect ranking: 34th overall (No. 4 DL)

"The former top recruit in the nation has had a strong albeit unspectacular career at Clemson. His athleticism is undeniable in a unique frame. A monster effort in Clemson's bowl game would help to solidify his status as the next-best interior disruptor in the class after Georgia's Jalen Carter."

Edwards: EDGE Zach Harrison, Ohio State

CBS prospect ranking: 60th overall (No. 13 EDGE)

"Harrison checks all of the height, weight and speed boxes. The Buckeyes, and Harrison, step onto a national platform in the College Football Playoff. If he dominates Broderick Jones, who is perceived as a likely first-round selection, then that will only impact Harrison's stock positively."

2. Which prospect has the most to lose from bowl season?

Wilson: QB C.J. Stroud, Ohio State

CBS prospect ranking: 4th overall (No. 2 QB)

"Fair or not, the spotlights are always on the quarterbacks. And while Stroud has put together a season worthy of being QB1, it's also the position that faces the most scrutiny in the weeks and months leading up to the draft. If Joe Burrow had bombed the playoffs during LSU's impressive run, maybe he's still the No. 1 overall pick, but there's a lot of "OK, let's go back to the tape and make sure we didn't miss anything conversations" going on in draft rooms. That said, I fully expect Stroud to ball out because he's done that pretty much the entire season."

Trapasso: QB C.J. Stroud, Ohio State

CBS prospect ranking: 4th overall (No. 2 QB)

"For the longest time, Stroud was widely considered a legitimate candidate to go No. 1 overall. Now he faces a tenacious, super-talented Georgia defense on a national stage. This iteration of the Bulldogs defense isn't quite as loaded with talent ready to make the jump to the NFL, but it's an elite collegiate defense at all three levels. A stinker of a performance would hurt his stock much more than it should."

Edwards: QB Bryce Young, Alabama

CBS prospect ranking: 2nd overall (No. 1 QB)

"Young is the choice, not because of performance on the field, but risk of injury. He is expected to start a non-playoff bowl game. Alabama has created a culture where players want to appear in those games even if they have one foot out the door to the NFL."

3. Which quarterback are you most excited to watch and why?

Wilson: QB Bryce Young, Alabama

CBS prospect ranking: 2nd overall (No. 1 QB)

"I love the fact that Young breaks the mold -- he's probably 5-10, 185 pounds, and the only two quarterbacks over the last two decades with those measurables to get drafted were Seneca Wallace and Joe Hamilton. And while some NFL teams are wary of Young's small size and slight frame, he's, without questions, currently the best QB in this class. Five years from now, I wonder if we'll be talking about a handful of teams that were guilty of overthinking Young as an NFL passer."

Trapasso: QB C.J. Stroud, Ohio State

CBS prospect ranking: 4th overall (No. 2 QB)

"For many of the reasons listed above. Yes, he could lose a lot, in, frankly, what's an unfavorable matchup for any offense. However, if he lights up the scoreboard against Georgia? Woooo boy, it'd make quite the statement from Stroud. He's been billed as an NFL-ready passer, and he's facing as close to an NFL-caliber defense in the CFP semifinals."

Edwards: QB Spencer Rattler, South Carolina

CBS prospect ranking: N/A

"When we last saw Rattler, he was leading upset victories over Tennessee and Clemson. Can he do enough to create positive momentum within his draft stock?"

4. Who is the one non-Power 5 prospect to watch?

Wilson: OT Blake Freeland, BYU

CBS prospect ranking: 33rd overall (No. 6 OT)

"He's listed at 6-foot-8, but just 305 (or 65 pounds lighter than Dawand Jones). And while he'll need to add weight, he currently plays left tackle with the athleticism of a tight end. He moves well in space, gets to the second-level easily, and anchors well despite his high center of gravity."

Trapasso: S JL Skinner, Boise State

CBS prospect ranking: 63rd overall (No. 3 S)

"Skinner is a fascinating prospect because of his size (6-foot-4, 220 pounds) and productivity. He has six interceptions over the past two seasons, including four to date this season. He feels like a prospect who'll rise during the pre-draft process because of his measurables and vast experience."

Edwards: QB Michael Pratt, Tulane

CBS prospect ranking: 142nd overall (No. 7 QB)

"Pratt has the potential to be one of the better quarterbacks in this draft class. He has a chance to make a positive impression on national television against a national brand (USC)."

5. Which under-the-radar prospect (from Power 5) will make his presence felt?

Wilson: OT Matthew Bergeron, Syracuse

CBS prospect ranking: 28th overall (No. 5 OT)

"At 6-foot-5, 324 pounds, Bergeron immediately passes the eye test. And while he may not be as athletic as Freeland, he's solidified Syracuse's left side. He's not flashy, but he consistently gets the job done, and the Quebec native's NFL future could see him kick inside to guard."

Trapasso: EDGE Felix Anudike-Uzomah, Kansas State

CBS prospect ranking: 36th overall (No. 6 EDGE)

"I love this dude as a prospect, and maybe it's just me, but it feels like he's yet to get the respect he deserves as an elite talent. FAU wasn't quite as productive this season as he was in 2021, but he really brings it around the corner as a speed, bendy edge rusher. I'm looking forward to watching him against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl."

Edwards: OT Braeden Daniels, Utah

CBS prospect ranking: 50th overall (No. 8 OT)

"Daniels is a personal favorite in this draft class, but his name does not get mentioned nearly as often as other tackle prospects. The Eastern Time Zone will grow familiar with him as he plays in prime time Jan. 2 against Penn State."

6. Who is the prospect with the biggest decision to make?

Wilson: QB Bo Nix, Oregon

CBS prospect ranking: 81st overall (No. 6 QB)

"It's still unclear what Bo Nix's future holds, whether he'll come out or return to college, but the 2022 season was an impressive showing from the former five-star who struggled to find his footing at Auburn. He consistently made good decisions while throwing with accuracy and anticipation, which goes a long way in explaining his career-best 71.5 completion percentage this season for the Ducks."

Trapasso: EDGE Jared Verse, Florida State

CBS prospect ranking: 11th overall (No. 2 EDGE)

"A year ago, Verse was a stud at SUNY Albany. Now he's being labeled by most -- including myself -- as a first-round-caliber talent. There's some thought he'll return to the Seminoles for a second season, which wouldn't be the worst idea in football history. Or does he make a Jermaine Johnson II leap to the NFL after one season in Tallahassee?"

Edwards: DL Jaquelin Roy, LSU

CBS prospect ranking: 70th overall (No. 10 DL)

"Roy was considered a top prospect entering the 2022 season, but the season has not gone as anticipated. Will he return in an effort to reach a status he is capable of achieving? Kayshon Boutte has already made that decision in Baton Rouge."

7. What will the College Football Playoff National Championship be and who will win?

Wilson: Georgia defeats Michigan, 21-13

Trapasso: Georgia defeats Michigan, 24-17

Edwards: Georgia defeats Michigan, 28-17