The Los Angeles Rams did not make a selection in the 2022 NFL Draft until pick No. 104 and they had one player in mind they wanted to add to their squad. The defending Super Bowl champions selected offensive tackle Logan Bruss out of Wisconsin in the third round.

Rams scout Brian Hill said if Bruss was still available at No. 104 for Los Angeles to take, he would jump in the pool to celebrate. Hill stayed true to his promise, and after the team selected Bruss, he headed to the pool.

He took off his shoes, but stayed in his clothes as he launched himself into the water.

Take a look:

Hopefully he had a change of clothes.

Head coach Sean McVay is also excited about the selection, saying, "He's our kind of guy."

Watching the video of Bruss getting selected, it seems like all parties are thrilled with this selection.

This year's Rams draft house is a mansion located in Hollywood Hills, with Rams decor and impressive details. The house has L.A. art, Rams championship signs, a halfpipe outside and sculptures to name a few of the ways the Rams made the mansion specific to them.