Everyone knows the value of a good quarterback and Buffalo Bills tight end Dawson Knox feels lucky to have Josh Allen leading his offense. Knox spoke highly of his QB, saying it is every player's dream to work with someone with his talent.

Speaking with SiriusXM NFL Radio, Knox spoke about playing with the young talent.  

"I mean, it's every receiver, tight end, running back, it's everyone's dream to play with a guy like that. I mean, he can put the ball 70 yards down the field, or throw off his back foot back across himself, or make plays with his legs and extend plays," he said. "There's nothing that guy can't do. We've seen him stiff arm defensive ends to the ground. He's jumping over linebackers, and just trucking guys. It's insane."

Through the interview, we got a look into how Allen is as a leader. While he may not be the type to be in everyone's faces yelling, Knox says the 26-year-old is exactly what the team needs.

"But he's another guy that everyone loves off the field as well. He's a perfect leader for us, he's not necessarily the rah-rah guy in the locker room, but the way he plays and the way he leads by example is second to none," Knox said.

Knox also said the team is giving Allen some tips, but admits it can be difficult to give him advice.

"We're trying to tell him to slide more often, but with the way he runs the ball, it's hard to tell him to go down when he can make crazy plays with his feet, too," Knox said. 

The Bills are Super Bowl favorites and Allen is up there for MVP candidates, before a snap of the season is even played. The team has yet to make a championship game in the "Allen Era," and expectations are as high as ever.

"This time of year, everyone's always making predictions, and trying to predict records, and who's going to make the Super Bowl, and who might make the playoffs, and we always try to stay away from all that. We always just want to focus on what's ahead of us," Knox said, "and right now, it's just getting everyone to camp healthy and then just starting to build that chemistry and that teamwork that comes with camp."

The beginning of the season is not the easiest for the Bills, meeting the defending champion Los Angeles Rams, Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers in the first seven games, on top of other potentially tough matchups.

Their current plan is "the old cliché of taking it one game at a time and not focusing on what might be five or six games down the road," and having confidence in what their team brings to the table.

"... We've got the mentality of, 'you know, they have to come play us,' they've got to deal with the Bills on their schedule, so that's the kind of mentality we're taking into the season, we're taking it one game at a time and not think too much about the opponent, and just control what we can control," Knox said.

The Bills are coming off a solid season, winning their division and advancing to the Divisional Round, but ended up losing to the Chiefs. While most teams would consider that a successful season, the expectations for the Bills is Super Bowl or bust, and will be the same this season.