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Justin Pugh quickly rushed to Matt Ammendola's defense following the Arizona Cardinals' 20-17 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. Ammendola, filling in for the injured Matt Prater, missed a 43-yard field goal with 22 seconds left that cost Arizona a chance at overtime. 

Reporters flooded at Ammendola's locker looking for an explanation of how me missed the game-tying kick. Pugh wasn't going to blame the loss on one player, especially a kicker playing his first game for the team and playing for his second organization in three weeks. 

"It's not on one f---ing guy. Everyone's waiting around on one f---ing guy to come back here? This f---ing ain't right," Pugh said to reporters after the game (via PHNX Sports). "It's not right. It's not on one f---ing guy.

"I missed a block. We missed touchdowns. We should have had the ball and been able to score. It's not on one f---ing guy."

Ammendola made both of his extra point attempts, but was just 1 of 2 on his field goals (the make was a 20-yard kick before halftime). He's 4 of 6 on field goal attempts and 5 of 6 on extra point attempts this season, going a combined 1 of 3 on kicks over 30 yards.

The Cardinals needed Ammendola to kick Sunday in place of the injured Prater. That's the reality of the league when a kicker goes down. (The Eagles also had a backup kicker as well in Cameron Dicker, who converted all his field goal and extra point attempts.)

"Almost every guy that I talked to coming in here said 'Keep your head up,'" Ammendola said. "Obviously, I've got to make my kicks at the end of the day, but it's a team sport. I've got to do my job better. 

"Having the camaraderie of the team and how they just lift me up, I'm going to keep pushing and get back to work on Monday. Every guy in here is amazing and very charismatic in just telling me it's not the end of the day. You woke up on the right side of the bed -- you're going to be fine." 

While Ammendola is getting the support from his teammates, how long he lasts in Arizona will be determined based on how severe Prater's hip injury is. The Cardinals may also look at other options for this week, too, part of life as a kicker trying to make it in the NFL. 

"It was a tough spot. That happens," Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury said. "There were plenty of other moments that we could have won that game, but I thought we battled once again and it's just unfortunate that we didn't get it done."