It's not often that you'll hear an NFL Draft pick start talking trash about another team just days after he was drafted, but that's exactly what Kahlil McKenzie did with the Raiders shortly after being selected in the sixth round by the Chiefs last week. 

Of course, McKenzie is also in a unique situation: His dad, Reggie, is the general manager for the Raiders. 

In one of his first interviews after being drafted by the Chiefs with the 198th overall pick, the younger McKenzie was already in full trash-talking mode and as you'll notice, nearly all the trash-talk was directed at his dad. 

"I can't wait to whip up on you twice this year and the next year and the next year and the next year after that," Kahlil said he told his dad in one of their first conversations after the draft, via "We're a competitive family [by] nature. We compete in everything we do. This just adds one more ripple into that. We're all excited for it. I'm excited to get to Kansas City and just help the Chiefs ... whoop up on the Raiders [and] whoop up on the rest of the NFL."

Although he got selected by a team his dad isn't a fan of, Khalil called it a "dream" to get drafted. 

The Chiefs' newest draft pick has put the older McKenzie in kind of an awkward situation. For instance, one Raiders legend, Charles Woodson, has already called for Kahlil to retire

"I got a text from Charles Woodson who told me 'your son has to retire,'" Reggie McKenzie said. "'There's no way he can put that red helmet on his head.'"

The irony in all of this is that it might actually be Reggie's fault that the Chiefs ended up selecting his son. Despite the fact that Kahlil spent three seasons on the defensive line at Tennessee, most NFL teams -- including the Chiefs -- wanted him to make the switch to the offensive line, which is a switch he ended up making. If Kahlil had passed on making the position switch, the Chiefs might have passed on him. The irony here is that Reggie is the one who helped talk Kahlil into the switch. 

"He had a sly little smile on his face,'' Kahlil said. "I told [my dad], 'It's a conspiracy. This is you. You did this.' He always wanted me to play offensive line. He was happy to see me play offensive line and said that I moved really well doing it. He said I looked like an offensive lineman doing those drills.'"

The trash-talking between Kahlil and his dad is likely going to go into overdrive around the holidays, and that's because the Chiefs and Raiders play each other two times over the final five weeks of the regular season (Dec. 2 and Dec. 30).