Winning the Super Bowl comes with a lot of perks, and one of those perks for Travis Kelce will be hosting "Saturday Night Live."

The long-running NBC show announced this week that Kelce will be handling hosting duties on March 4. Kelce also shared the news during a Thursday night appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

During the interview with Fallon, Kelce revealed the he was a big fan of "SNL" when he was younger. 

"Growing up, I was a huge like [Chris] Farley, [Will] Ferrell, Fallon kind of guy growing up," Kelce said. "Yeah, I used to watch 'Saturday Night Live' with my mother and it's an absolute honor and a privilege to be hosting 'SNL' March 4th."

Playing in the Super Bowl brings some serious pressure, but so does hosting "SNL."

"I am so nervous for that, oh my gosh," Kelce said of hosting. 

To calm Kelce's nerves, Fallon mentioned he had talked to "SNL" creator Lorne Micheals about Kelce's upcoming appearance. 

"You are going to be so good," Fallon said. "I was talking to Lorne today, and I'm like, 'He's so charming and he can sing and he's fun and he's so good.'"

Speaking of Kelce's singing abilities, he spent the past few weeks belting out "Fight for your right" by the Beastie Boys, so Fallon had him sing it on the show. 

The song became Kelce's official anthem during the playoffs and he even sang it during the postgame at the Super Bowl. 

Although Kelce can sing, most of of the singing duties on March 4 will likely go to the musical guest, Kelsea Ballerini. 

When NFL players show up to host the show, there are usually a couple of surprise appearances and it wouldn't be shocking at all if his mom or brother were to make a cameo. It also wouldn't be surprising to see Patrick Mahomes make an appearance. 

The hosting gig won't be Kelce's first time on TV. Back in 2016, he was the star of "Catching Kelce," which was a dating show on E!. 

As for "SNL," although multiple NFL players have hosted the show during its 48-year run, it's not something that happens very often. Kelce will become just the third player over the past 15 years to be given hosting duties. The last NFL player to host was J.J. Watt, who was on the show in February 2020. Before that, "SNL" hadn't invited an NFL player to host since Eli Manning in May 2012. Besides Manning and Watt, the only two NFL players to host the show since 2000 are Tom Brady (April 2005) and Peyton Manning (March 2007). 

Even though we haven't seen many NFL players host the show, Kelce will still have a high bar to meet, and that bar was mostly set by Peyton Manning, who pulled off multiple hilarious skits during his hosting job in 2007. You can watch one of those skits below or by clicking here

As Kelce said, you can catch him hosting "SNL" on March 4.