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How many head coaches in the NFL can you name? Well, no matter what number you said, it is probably more than Kansas City Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce.

Travis' brother, Philadelphia Eagles star center Jason Kelce, challenged him to name the NFL head coaches based on the photo from the NFL Annual League Meeting. Not only did Travis struggle to name all of them, he was hard pressed to associate several with their teams. Clearly Travis has not kept up with the offseason coaching news.

You can watch the video here (warning: NSFW language).

While Travis was struggling, his older brother was laughing at his lack of knowledge and exclaiming that he must know who the coaches were.

Travis did not recognize Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor, who has been with the team since 2019. The Chiefs played the Bengals twice during the 2022 season, including the AFC Championship. The year before, the Bengals and Chiefs met in the AFC Championship, with Cincinnati coming out on top and advancing to the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs are no strangers to playing the Bengals, so you would think Travis would at least know Taylor. He then apologized to Coach Taylor for his slip up. His excuse continued to be he was "bad with names."

Travis also had no clue who either of the former Philadelphia Eagles coordinators are, saying "I've never seen this f---ing guy in my life," causing Jason to burst out laughing.

Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Steichen became head coach of the Indianapolis Colts and defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon is now head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. Not only are these the former coaches of his brother, but he just faced them in the Super Bowl a few months ago.

The two exchanged some hilarious banter, calling Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay "Gordon Bombay" from "The Mighty Ducks," and Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy "Matt Foley" from "Saturday Night Live." 

Travis is exceptional at catching passes, extending plays and delivering in clutch moments, but clearly he is not the best at identifying NFL personnel. Despite the fail, Travis said he was having a ton of fun. Maybe his offseason goal can be to learn the head coaches he faces.