Josh Harris Getty Washington Commanders
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This week, the NFL owners unanimously approved Josh Harris' purchase of the Washington Commanders. On Friday, Harris and other members of the ownership group spoke to the media, discussing their plans for the team and hopes for the future of the franchise.

Harris was described as committed to winning by co-owners as well as the team's current coach.

"Today took an immense amount of work from a lot of people," Harris said. 

He later added, jokingly, "This is an amazing day for me, but I'm stressed."

Ron Rivera said he was honored to serve as the first head coach under the Harris leadership group. 

"It has been very clear to me that there's going to be an emphasis on necessary resources for the team to succeed," Rivera said. "All of our conversations have been around winning."

Rivera described the Commanders as a young team, ready to get to work and perform at their best for the fans. He said the new ownership, and seeing both current and past legends all in one room, gives him tremendous hope for what the future holds.

Harris knows there is a lot of important dates ahead of them. When asked about potentially renaming the team in the future -- as co-owner and NBA legend Magic Johnson hint could happen -- Harris said right now his focus is on training camp and the fast approaching 2023 season. His goals are to make the fan experience top-tier and create an environment where players and coaches can succeed long-term.

Harris grew up a fan of Washington, but said back then the season ticket holder wait of 20 years meant he never qualified. 

"This franchise is a part of who I am and who I became," Harris said. "It's part of my DNA. But I appreciate that it's not just about being a fan. I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to this city to win championships, to create a positive impact on the community and to create great experiences and memories for future fans just like I had growing up as a kid."

He aims to create "a culture defined by excellence, dignity, respect and inclusivity."

A major emphasis was put on the value of the fans and how hard the ownership and the entire team plans to work to deliver.

"To the Commanders fans, our promise to you is straight forward," he said. "We will work tirelessly to make you proud once again of this franchise like my family was when I grew up here."

Minority owner Mitch Rales said, "We gotta ignite the fan base, we gotta ignite the player base, we gotta ignite the legends base and we gotta ignite all the Commanders associate space."

He noted that they can't do it on their own and ask for the help and support from everyone. 

Magic Johnson reflected on the moment he got involved in the team. 

"When I called Josh, the first thing I said was 'do you want to win?'" Johnson said. "He said 'yes' and I said 'I am in,' because I don't invest in sports teams for ego. I invest to win."