Micah Parsons isn't playing, but the Cowboys linebacker was locked into Sunday's NFC Championship Game between the Eagles and 49ers

Not one to hide his opinions, Parsons offered a critical assessment of the Eagles defense during the first half of Sunday's game. Based on his tweet, Parsons wasn't impressed with Philadelphia's defensive effort. 

Parson's tweet came moments after the Eagles were run over by Christian McCaffrey on his 23-yard, game-tying touchdown run. 

The Eagles found themselves in a tight game despite the 49ers losing starting quarterback Brock Purdy early in the first quarter. Purdy has been replaced by backup quarterback Josh Johnson, a 36-year-old veteran who attempted just two passes during the regular season. 

While he wasn't impressed with their defense, Parsons was complimentary of the Eagles offensive line during the first half. Philadelphia's line paved the way for two Miles Sanders touchdown runs during the game's first 30 minutes. 

Parsons would surely rather be playing today instead of watching the action from home. After a 12-5 regular season and winning the franchise's first road playoff game in 30 years, the Cowboys lost a close game to the 49ers in the divisional round. Dallas has not reached a conference title game since it won Super Bowl XXX at the end of the 1995 season.