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The Denver Broncos were the first team in NFL history to give up 70 points and 700 yards of offense in an NFL game. Through three games with the franchise, Sean Payton's team doesn't have a win and have given up the second-most points allowed (122) through three games since the merger. 

How does a coach rally a team after an embarrassing loss? Go back to the drawing board. 

"I think what came about Sunday was one of those perfect storms where we struggled in a lot of areas," Payton said, via a Broncos transcript. "When you do that against an explosive offense, it snowballs. I'm sure there are a number of things that we as coaches look at and say, 'Alright, we should've done this.' We always talk about after a game, even when we win, what would we do differently playing this team again? I think we have to always approach it that way. Just like the players."

The Broncos were the first team to give up five pass touchdowns and five rush touchdowns in a game. They are the first team to allow 350-plus passing yards and 350-plus rushing yards in a game. They are last in points per game allowed (40.7), yards per game allowed (458.3), and yards per play allowed (8.7).

Fortunately, Sunday's loss is just one game. The Broncos get the Chicago Bears this week, another winless team that lost in embarrassing fashion the week prior. Something has to give. 

"You have to work your way out of this. It starts with getting the first win," Payton said. "I said this after the game last week—the next week can't come quick enough. I think that's where we're at...We need a win. Chicago does too. They do too. That's why we have to win these days—Wednesday, Thursday. 

"I thought today was a really good practice. We have to follow that up tomorrow, but a win would mean a lot for us right now."