It seems like everyone on the Miami Dolphins' roster made some sort of history on Sunday and that includes Tua Tagovailoa

During Miami's 70-20 win over the Broncos, the Dolphins quarterback set an NFL record by continuing one of the most improbable streaks in NFL history. Thanks to the win, Tua has now won TEN straight games against Super Bowl winning coaches, which is the most in NFL history. Tua had previously been tied with three other quarterbacks with a streak of nine. 

To set the record, Tua had to beat Sean Payton, who famously won a Super Bowl in 2009 when he led New Orleans to a 31-17 win over the Colts. Although that was almost certainly the highlight of Payton's coaching career, the loss to Miami will likely go down as the lowlight. 

In the days leading up to the Sunday's game against Denver, Tua was actually asked about the streak and although he thought it was a cool stat, he credited his team for helping him get to a point where he could break the record. 

"It's a team sport," Tua said last week, via quotes from the team. "You win games with the team and I've been very fortunate to have great teammates. We're just in here day-in and day-out trying to do everything we can to win."

The fact that Tua broke the record against the Broncos actually adds a twist to things and that's because he got to do it against one of the players he was tied with for the record. Before Sunday's win, Tua has been tied with Russell Wilson, Jim Harbaugh and Bob Griese for the longest winning streak against Super Bowl winning coaches. 

Wilson's streak started in 2012 and lasted all the way until February 2015 when he lost to Bill Belichick's Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. 

Tua will also now move past Griese on the list, who spent his entire Hall of Fame career with the Dolphins. 

Now that Tua has set the record, he'll also have a chance to put it almost completely out of reach this season. Tua still has games against the Patriots (Bill Belichick), Chiefs (Andy Reid), Cowboys (Mike McCarthy) and Ravens (John Harbaugh) on the schedule, which means he could push this streak to 14 games by the end of the year. Considering no one had ever even had a 10-game winning streak before this season, it's hard to imagine anyone breaking Tua's record if he gets it to 14. 

Through three weeks, Tua has been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, which is a big reason why the Dolphins are undefeated. Tua was nearly perfect against the Broncos, completing 23 of 26 passes for 309 yards and four touchdowns.