San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
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Eagles fans gave Dom DiSandro a standing ovation as the chief security officer was escorted out of Sunday's blowout loss to the 49ers. But the longtime staffer may not return to the sidelines for the team's upcoming games after his role in a sideline scuffle, according to NBC Sports.

There could still be an additional "significant punishment imposed both on DiSandro and the Eagles by the league," ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio reported Sunday night. Citing the NFL's recent decision to revoke game-day credentials of a videographer who collaborated with Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill on a celebration, Florio speculated DiSandro could also be barred from games.

Also serving as special advisor to the general manager, DiSandro made contact with 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw in the third quarter of Sunday's game after the latter swung Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith to the ground while going out of bounds. Greenlaw responded by swinging at DiSandro and making contact with his face, and both were ejected.

"Team security officials are not in-game bouncers," Florio wrote Sunday. "Keeping the peace is the job of the officials. Non-players who insinuate themselves into the game action risk losing access to the game area."

Earlier this year, Florio notes, the NFL also informed all 32 teams it would impose "significant accountability measures" for teams whose players or staff members "join a fight already in progress" during NFL functions. When DiSandro first contacted Greenlaw from the sidelines, several Eagles players were already jawing at the linebacker for his late hit on Smith.

DiSandro has worked for the Eagles since 1999 and is well known in Philadelphia as "Big Dom." He oversees team security and aids the front office in investigations of player conduct while serving as an unofficial liaison between players and the rest of the staff.