The Philadelphia Eagles are making NFL history, throwing football back to an era when they last had a dynasty (in the 1940s). Even though the Eagles are rewriting the record books in run game, they are also setting new historic marks in the final score department.

With the 25-11 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Eagles victory was a scorigami -- the 1078th unique final score in NFL history. No NFL game has ever had a 25-11 final until Monday night. 

This is the second scorigami in Week 3, as the Miami Dolphins 70-20 victory over the Denver Broncos was also a unique final. This makes sense considering there were only three other times in league history during which a team scored 70 points in a game. The 25-11 final was a bit unique, but actually wasn't in doubt as the Eagles controlled the final 9:22 on the clock. 

Philadelphia actually got deep into Tampa Bay territory late and could have scored a touchdown. If the Eagles scored, a 31-11 final or 32-11 final (assuming they made the extra point) would have still been a scorigami. 

The Eagles did make some history in this game running the football. Philadelphia has outrushed its opponents, 460-69, over the last 2 games. That's the best rush yards margin (+391) in a two-game span for the franchise since 1949. It rushed for more than 200 yards in consecutive games, having the third-most rushing yards by any NFL team after the first three games of a season. 

Scorigamis are getting harder to accomplish, but the combination of 11 points by one team opens up very unique final scores.