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NFL All-Pro brothers Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce are all for the league having more competitive matchups on Thursday Night Football. During the NFL's spring meetings, the NFL recently adopted a new rule that would allow games to be flexed into the primetime on Thursday Night Football between Weeks 13 and 17 and teams would have 28 days notice of their game being flexed.

"As we've talked about before, I'm a huge fan of the Thursday Night games," Jason Kelce said on the most recent episode of the "New Heights" podcast. "Listen, I am all for games being played on Thursdays because that means we have walkthroughs during the middle of the week and we don't practice. Then we get three days off after the game."

Kelce also stated that it helps his legs recover and keep him "fresh." Meanwhile, Travis Kelce added that he's a huge fan of Thursday Night games later in the season due to some games being lackluster in the past.

"I just like good football being on primetime TV. I don't want to turn my Thursday night television on and have to watch a bad game," Jason Kelce added. "I like watching good football. Thursday night is one of the few nights that I get to watch football and enjoy it as a fan."

Jason Kelce also said that some players only oppose Thursday Night Football games in order "make headlines."

It's worth noting that Jason Kelce is entering his 13th NFL season in 2023 while Travis Kelce will be embarking on his 10th season. As a result of the Kelces being seasoned veterans, they are likely going to be bigger supporters than some of the league's younger players of having more rest.

The Kelces appear to be just like the average fan. When they're not playing on Thursday, they just want to see competitive football being played in primetime on Thursdays like football fans do.