A more confident Lance Louis is a sign of why the Chicago Bears offensive line believes it can end what essentially had been a reputation as a league-wide, pass-blocking laughing stock.

When GM Phil Emery failed to add new blood to the front five on offense, it was partly because the Bears expected improvement from a new scheme which puts the quarterback in fewer risky deep pass drops.

But it's also because they think players like Louis simply will improve from staying at their designated positions.

The Bears finished last season without their starting right tackle, with a left tackle who hadn't previously played the spot in the NFL, with a long-time guard playing center, a long-time center playing guard, and a right tackle in Louis who was really a guard. In all, they used five different starting lines due to injuries and blocking failures.

"I think my size suits me better as a guard," Louis said. "I'm not as big as the tackles in the league. So, I mean, I'm in a good place right now."

Louis often beat himself up over bad games last year even while playing out of position at tackle.

"I am my own worst critic," he said. "I'm a perfectionist."

So when right tackle Gabe Carimi said Thursday that he's feeling "discomfort" in his knee and the coaches moved Chris Williams to right tackle, Louis couldn't help but be blamed if warning sirens went off in his head.

How bad is Carimi after two surgeries? Will it be long before Louis gets called on again at right tackle? After all, Williams has had chances to prove he can play right tackle before and failed.

Louis is hoping everyone can stay put for the sake of the line. Building a cohesive unit is critical and something they couldn't achieve last year.

"You get that feeling of working with that person you're going to be next to, and getting your timing and things down," Louis said.

Whatever happens, offensive coordinator Mike Tice has made it clear excuses will not be tolerated.

"I’m not going to put up with any crap as far as turning guys free and not protecting the quarterback," Tice said.

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