NFL rosters are starting to shape up with free agency and the draft over, which also means that some holes are starting to become apparent as well. There aren't any "complete" teams in the NFL -- there never are -- but there are teams that are close.

One of those teams is the Seahawks, who went out and landed an impact pass-rusher after Ryan Wilson identified it as one of the pieces they still need to contend earlier this week. Another need: a possession receiver after the team cut ties with Doug Baldwin. On the latest Pick Six Podcast, Sean Wagner-McGough jumped into the discussion and explained why he thinks Dez Bryant is a great fit in Seattle.

"I would like Dez there," Wagner-McGough said. "They need that type of possession guy, not a home run threat. And that is the type of locker room where, if you buy into 'Dez is a distraction, bad for a locker room,' that's a locker room I feel is well equipped to deal with Dez and his personality."

Wagner-McGough also explained why a Grady Jarrett extension is the first step of the puzzle for the Falcons, and John Breech similarly said the Vikings need to trade Kyle Rudolph and free up cap space to add to the offensive line and land competition at kicker.

Then the crew turned to the 49ers, where Wagner-McGough was called upon to defend his suggestion that the team go get Eric Berry. Breech said he'd rather they add a corner to help the secondary, tapping the trade market and a deal to land Chris Harris from the Broncos.

Finally, the guys went around the table with their moves to put the Cowboys in the best spot to contend. You can hear all those suggestions for every team we covered at this week (more suggestions for contenders coming over the next few weeks), along with breaking down the latest NFL news, in the player below. Be sure to subscribe and get our daily NFL podcast in your queue every morning!

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