Hurricane season runs through late November, so it's expected that a few NFL games will be affected by bad weather. While the United States is currently not in the path of any major hurricane, a weather system will affect a few NFL games in Week 3.

Tropical Storm Ophelia made landfall at roughly 6:15 a.m. ET in North Carolina Saturday morning, according to the National Hurricane Center. At landfall, the storm had maximum sustained winds of 70 mph, which is just shy of hurricane strength. Through Saturday and early Sunday, the system moved northward through Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, up to Pennsylvania. initially reported the storm would have some lingering impacts on Sunday. The majority of the system has passed, but wind and rain could potentially affect three games: the Buffalo Bills at the Washington Commanders (Landover, Maryland), Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens (Baltimore, Maryland) and New England Patriots at New York Jets (East Rutherford, New Jersey). 

Bills-Commanders may be in the clear. reports Sunday will be cloudy in Landover, with rain chances at around 20% from 1 p.m. ET through the afternoon, and winds staying under 5 mph. CBS Sports' AJ Ross reported the Commanders ground crews were prepared for the wet conditions this weekend, and kept a tarp on the field all night and through the morning. D.C. is currently soaked, but they aren't expecting any more downpours. 

As for Colts at Ravens in Baltimore, they have a better chance at rain (30-40%), but wind shouldn't be an issue. The majority of this weather system has moved north of Baltimore. 

East Rutherford has the best chance of wet weather, as there is a 49% chance of showers in pregame warmups, and a 66% chance of rain at 2 p.m. predicts wind will stay above 10 mph throughout the afternoon, so expect both the Patriots and Jets to run the ball quite a bit. 

The weather situation isn't as bad as it could have been, but these three NFL games will be played under overcast skies with off-and-on rain.