With just one month to go until the start of the NFL season, there are still some big names left on the free agent market, with one of the biggest ones probably being Odell Beckham Jr

Although Beckham has been free to sign with anyone since March, the former Rams receiver has been taking his time looking for a new team and that's because there's really no need for him to rush into a new deal. Even if Beckham were to sign right now, he wouldn't be able to participate in training camp because he's still rehabbing his torn ACL, which he suffered during the Rams' 23-20 Super Bowl win over the Bengals.

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For the past few months, Beckham hasn't really given any hints about who he might sign with, but he might have finally offered one this week, and he did it on Von Miller's instagram page. 

After Miller shared a video of himself at Bills training camp, Beckham replied by asking if the locker next to Miller's was available in the Bills locker room. 

That sounds like someone who might be interested in setting up shop next to Miller. 

After seeing Beckham's comment, the Bills pass-rusher then went into full recruitment mode. First, Miller said Beckham should join the Bills so they can chase another ring together. (The two guys both won a Super Bowl ring with the Rams last season.) 

Following that comment, Miller then jumped back on Instagram to let Beckham know that the locker next to him is open. "Been open since I got here," Miller wrote on IG. "Waiting on you."

As if that's not enough recruiting, former Bills star Andre Reed is also doing his best to get Beckham in Buffalo. The Hall of Fame receiver was with Beckham in Atlantic City last week, and from the sound of it, he definitely pitched OBJ on joining the Bills. 

"How would OBJ look in Red,White and Blue?" Reed wrote on IG. "Him and Von runnin' it back in Buffalo. Lets just say we had good convo last night in Atlantic City."

The Odell-to-the-Bills chatter has been so loud lately that even Dez Bryant was asking Beckham about it on Twitter. 

Besides his flirtation with the Bills on Miller's Instagram, Beckham hasn't really given any indication on when or where he plans to sign. The Bills would almost certainly welcome Beckham with open arms if he wanted to play there, but if they want him, they'll have some competition. The Rams have been making sure to let Beckham know this offseason that they still want him back if he decides he wants to return to Los Angeles. 

If you're wondering when Beckham might sign, it could be another few weeks or so. According to one report, Beckham isn't expected to be fully healthy until October, and if that's the case, he likely won't be in any hurry to sign anywhere just yet.