The Baltimore Ravens don't have a deep history of wide receivers. In fact, they've never drafted a Pro Bowl wide receiver in the 27-year history of the franchise. The only Ravens wide receivers that have made the Pro Bowlers were selected as returners.

Baltimore has had just two wide receivers drafted by the franchise to post 1,000-yard seasons: Torrey Smith (2013) and Marquise Brown (2021). It hasn't had much luck drafting at that position, but has found some gems in free agency over the years, including Derrick Mason and Steve Smith.

Could Odell Beckham join the list? The Ravens are hoping Beckham's one-year deal is enough to entice Lamar Jackson to stay with the franchise, especially since Jackson hasn't had the best group of wide receivers since he arrived in Baltimore five years ago. 

With Beckham officially a member of the Ravens, is he already the best wide receiver Jackson has played with? Keep in mind Jackson hasn't signed his franchise tag with the Ravens, hasn't worked out a long-term deal with them, and has asked for a trade this offseason -- so they may not wind up playing together.

Let's take a look at the wide receivers Jackson has played with, and where Beckham ranks on that list (again, assuming Jackson returns to Baltimore). The list also includes free agents signed by the Ravens this offseason. 

1. Marquise Brown (2019-2021)

In terms of production, Brown has easily been the best wideout Jackson has ever thrown a pass to in the NFL. A 2019 first-round pick, Brown had 195 catches for 2,361 yards and 21 touchdowns in three seasons in Baltimore. 

Brown had 1,008 yards and six touchdowns in his final season with the Ravens before he was traded in the 2022 offseason for a 2023 first-round pick.

2. Odell Beckham Jr. (2023)

Beckham didn't play in the 2022 season (ACL surgery), but his career indicates he'd have a great chance of being one of the most productive wide receivers for Jackson. The three-time Pro Bowl wideout had 141 catches for 1,891 yards and 12 touchdowns (13.4 yards per catch) in his three seasons between the Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams.

A healthy Beckham could do wonders for Jackson, knowing he would be the top target at wide receiver. Beckham isn't the player he used to be, but he's been better than most of what the Ravens have employed at wide receiver. 

3. Nelson Agholor (2023)

Again, this is the state of the Ravens at wide receiver since Jackson has been the starting quarterback -- two of the top three on this list joined the Ravens this offseason. Agholor hasn't been consistent throughout his career, but he's logged 155 catches for 2,094 yards and 16 touchdowns (13.5 yards per catch) over the last four seasons. 

Agholor does hold the Philadelphia Eagles' record for catches in a Super Bowl (nine) and had a 2020 season which he averaged 18.7 yards per catch and eight touchdowns. The former Super Bowl champion has had varying degrees of success over his eight-year career. 

4. Rashod Bateman (2021-2022)

Bateman would be higher on this list if it wasn't for injury. He's still had 61 catches for 800 yards and three touchdowns in the 18 games he's played over his two seasons. The 2021 first-round pick just has to stay on the field, as he's established himself as a No. 2 wideout in Baltimore when he's available. 

5. Willie Snead (2018-2020)

Far removed from the productive player he was in his first two NFL seasons with the New Orleans Saints, Snead looked to reestablish his footing in Baltimore. Part of a revamped Baltimore wide receiver group in 2018, Snead had 126 catches for 1,422 yards and nine touchdowns (11.3 yards per catch) in three seasons as the slot receiver.

Snead still has the third most receiving yards for wideouts since Jackson arrived in Baltimore. He last played for the Ravens three years ago. 

6. John Brown (2018)

Brown had 42 catches for 715 yards and five touchdowns in his one season in Baltimore, averaging 17.0 yards per catch. He would have been the prototypical deep ball wideout for Jackson in his MVP season, but the Ravens added Marquise Brown in the first round of the 2019 draft. 

7. Michael Crabtree (2018)

Crabtree was only in Baltimore for one season, but he had 54 catches for 607 yards and three touchdowns (11.2 yards per catch). He only played two more games in the NFL after leaving Baltimore. 

8. Sammy Watkins (2021-2022)

Far from the wide receiver he used to be, Watkins finished with 30 catches for 513 yards and one touchdown (17.3 yards per catch) in his two seasons with the Ravens -- and that was in two separate stints. Watkins wasn't the free agent pickup the Ravens thought they were getting from the Kansas City Chiefs

9. Demarcus Robinson (2022)

Robinson was a free agent signing weeks prior to the 2022 season after being cut from the Las Vegas Raiders. Thrust into a starting job in Baltimore, he had 48 catches for 458 yards and two touchdowns (9.5 yards per catch) for the Ravens as the team's leading wideout. 

10. Devin Duvernay (2020-2022)

Duvernay has the fourth most receiving yards for the Ravens since 2018, which is surprising since he's been primarily used as a returner (and has made two Pro Bowls and was selected an All-Pro in that role the last three seasons). He has 90 catches for 880 yards and five touchdowns (9.8 yards per catch).

Duvernay is one of the best returners in the league, yet the former third-round pick hasn't developed into the wide receiver the Ravens hoped. 

11. DeSean Jackson (2022)

Even at 35 years old, Jackson showcased he can still catch a deep pass with the best of them. Jackson had nine catches for 153 yards (17.0 yards per catch) in his seven games with the Ravens. Injuries have limited Jackson over the past few years, but he was productive in his limited opportunities. 

12. Miles Boykin (2020-2022)

The 2019 third-round pick never was consistent in Baltimore, struggling to get consistent targets and make his way into the lineup. Boykin finished with 35 catches for 481 yards and seven touchdowns during his three seasons in Baltimore, never having more than 266 yards in a season. 

13. Seth Roberts (2019)

Roberts spent one season in Baltimore, catching 21 passes for 271 yards and two touchdowns (12.9 yards per catch). He was the No. 3 receiver with the Ravens and the fifth pass-catching option in Jackson's MVP season. 

14. James Proche (2020-2022)

A sixth-round pick in 2020, Proche has never seen more than 21% of the offensive snaps in a season with the Ravens. He has 25 catches for 278 yards (11.1 yards per catch) with zero touchdowns in his three seasons.