Patrick Peterson is obviously excited about the Steelers' selection of Joey Porter Jr. in the second round of the draft. He might be just as excited, however, about the player Pittsburgh selected 61 spots after Porter. 

To say that Peterson is a big fan of his team's selection of former Georgia tight end Darnell Washington would be a significant understatement. Despite being the 35th best player in CBS Sports' pre-draft prospect rankings, the 6-foot-7, 265-pound Washington was available for the Steelers to select with the 93rd overall pick. 

"To me, I thought that was the steal of the draft," Peterson said on the latest edition of the "All Things Covered" podcast

Peterson's co-host, CBS Sports NFL analyst and former Steelers cornerback Bryant McFadden, feels that Washington will give the Steelers offense an added dimension. Specifically, McFadden said Washington will allow Pittsburgh to run more "12 Personnel," a formation that consists of two receivers, two tight ends and a running back. For the Steelers, this formation would feature wideouts Diontae Johnson and George Pickens, tight ends Washington and Pat Freiermuth and running back Najee Harris

Because of their talent at receiver and tight end, McFadden said defenses will likely choose to counter the Steelers offense with nickel and dime formations. This would open things up for Harris and Pittsburgh's rushing attack. 

"This could be a unique matchup nightmare for opposing defenses," McFadden said. 

While he can make plays in the passing game, Washington prides himself on his blocking prowess. McFadden basically said Washington is essentially an extra offensive tackle. Washington's affinity for blocking was one of the reasons why the Steelers jumped at the chance to add him to their offense. 

"I think the awesome thing about him besides his measurables is his mindset," Tomlin said of his new tight end. "Here's a guy that I think maybe has 'sixth offensive lineman' on his license plate. He embraces the things that come with being who he is, and knowledge of self and embracing that I think is one of the things that made him attractive, besides the unique physical traits and the things that he's been able to accomplish. The mindset, the willingness, too, is equally exciting." 

Peterson also touched on the Steelers' selection of Porter, who spoke to Peterson on "All Things Covered" prior to being drafted by Pittsburgh. A year after leading the NFL in interceptions, Pittsburgh's defense should be even better this season after acquiring Peterson and Porter this offseason. 

"We're going to be able to make some magic happen," Peterson said. "I'm excited. … Hearing his knowledge of the game and how good he wants to be. … I sense [greatness] from him. I'm very excited to be his teammate. It's going to be crazy playing with him."