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Since Tom Brady announced that he was leaving the New England Patriots in 2020, ending a two decade run, many have questioned whether it was No. 12 or head coach Bill Belichick who was most responsible for unmatched success for those years. The debate may go on forever and while Brady won a Super Bowl without Belichick, "The Hoodie" has not even won a playoff game without the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Would Brady have won six rings without Belichick? Would Belichick have won six rings without Brady? The easy answer is they needed each other, but the debate is more fun.

Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey asked the question on the "Punch Line Podcast": "Is Belichick elite or is Tom Brady? That's the million dollar question."

He then weighed in, saying he thinks it's the seven-time champion quarterback who was the bigger influence. 

"It's looking more like Brady, but it is what it is," Humphrey said, then adding, "They were together though, you can't say it was one or the other."

The star cornerback said there is a lot riding on this year for Belichick and if he does not lead the Patriots to success, people will be leaning more towards Brady when presented with that "million dollar question."

"I don't know if Belichick was ever daggum dirty ... It's kinda like this, if this year still goes down is that three that's been losing seasons," suggesting the head coach has fallen off since his trusty quarterback left.

The Patriots went 7-9 in 2020, 10-7 with a playoff appearance in 2021, 8-9 in 2022, and have started the 2023 season 0-2. That makes Belichick under .500 (25-27 in the regular season) since Brady left. The team has started Cam Newton, Brian Hoyer, Mac Jones and bailey Zappe at quarterback since the GOAT left.

"… It's looking like some people are getting washed," Humphrey concluded.