Meet 'The Arm.' (US PRESSWIRE)

We're only 37 days into the Robert Griffin III era in Washington, but the former Baylor star continues to impress fans, coaches and media with his poise (on and off the field), his football acumen and that arm. You know, the howitzer attached to his right shoulder that is simply known as, well, "The Arm."

Backup quarterback Rex Grossman explained it thusly: "It's more of running to your left and flicking your wrist and throwing the ball 70 yards," he told's Les Carpenter. "His arm almost comes off like a whip."

On Friday, RG3 appeared on The Jim Rome Show to talk about said "Arm."

"As a quarterback, you want people to be talking about how you throw not how you run," he told Rome. "You can always work better at throwing the ball, running is something that comes natural. As long as (everybody) continues to talk about my arm it means I'm doing great things."

RG3 also spoke about the pressure that comes with being the No. 2 overall pick and the anointed savior with the season still three months off.

"You know, God does things in your life to help you prepare for things in the future and going to baylor and having the same expectations at Baylor that I have here in DC really helped me," he said. "Of course, the expectations in DC are times a hundred what they were at Baylor, but I was still able to go through that, know how to deal with the media, deal with the fans when it comes to being called a savior, and grow from that experience. I look forward to doing the same thing in Washington."

The transition from college to the pros also means being on a bigger stage, earning the respect of your teammates, and dealing with a much more vocal group of critics. RG3 addressed that too:

 RG3 on earning respect as a rookie.

RG3 breaks down how he handles critics.

The Jim Rome Show airs Monday-Friday from 12pm-3pm.

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