Yep, it's the "Catch a Dream" socks, this time with a cape. (

Robert Griffin III is already the Redskins' most popular player and he's been a member of the team for a grand total of three weeks. This is what happens when you try to win games with some combination of Rex Grossman and John Beck.

It also helps that RG3 is wildly talented and exceedingly charismatic. We saw glimpses of the former at the Skins' recent rookie minicamp. We were reminded of the latter Thursday night when Washington's future appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. And yes, there was beatboxing.

(You can watch part 2 of RG3's segment here)

What we learned: RG3 celebrated winning the Heisman Trophy in December by working out with his fiancé at 2:30 in the morning to prepare for Baylor's upcoming bowl game. And yes, he was sporting his burgundy and gold "Catch a Dream" draft-night socks, this time with a cape.

RG3 also talked about proposing to his then-girlfriend (he sang her a song … that he wrote himself), a future hoops date with President Obama, and he even had time to make wise with Dr. House (also a guest on the show).

The highlight -- easily -- was the impromptu "This is how you beatbox" seminar. We have visions of RG3 showing off this talent at his pro day while Mike Shanahan and Dan Snyder stood behind him looking like Steve and Doug Butabi.

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